Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 Weeks and Counting!!!

We are at a full 34 weeks and still doing great!

McBaby is weighing in just over 5 pounds (according to the books) and measuring 20 inches long (which means he/she is pretty much full grown length wise...which doesn't make much sense to me...).

I have been feeling really great! I have started noticing certain foods irritating my heart burn even more. One of them being pizza...Steve's Pizza (Great restaurant here in Austin) I turn to Tums so I can still eat it :)

They say that 75% of women in their 3rd trimester have a very difficult time sleeping. I think I am that crazy 25% that doesn't have a problem with it! At least not yet. I am able to sleep through the night (with the 1-2 times getting up to go to the bathroom but falling right back to sleep). I feel really bad for Josh now. We have a queen size bed and I have consumed more than 3/4 of the bed! I am sleeping with 8 pillows and one body pillow. I also have been hogging all of the blankets, which is odd, because I wake up cold and don't have any on me! So I have been getting a TON of sleep, while Josh has been the one lacking in that department.
Recently, Josh and I bought our bedding online! It was more than half the price, so we couldn't resist! The great news: It just came in the mail TODAY! So I washed it and Josh and I put it in the crib :) Enjoy the pictures! I can't wait to have our little one inside!

We also heard of Younkers (like a high end Kohls here in Austin) having their huge 75% off we ventured over there tonight! The rule was that Josh and I could both pick out one boy outfit and one girl outfit. We decided with prices like's okay to buy some of each :) We have so many friends that are pregnant that they will make great gifts if we have opposite genders! Here are some pictures of the boy and girl outfits that we bought tonight!

BY THE WAY: The sale at Younkers is going to be going on UNTIL all of the "Yellow Dot" merchandise have been bought! So after McBaby is born...feel free to venture over there and buy clothing that will suit either our little boy or little girl :)

Oh -yes, you see 3 of each! Well, Josh said that any outfit above and beyond our agreement would be 10 min. (per outfit) of a massage for him...I could have gone crazy and bought tons of clothes...but I decided 20 min. was good enough for tonight :)

I have also included a picture of all the books our baby has! Some of these are gifts, some I had in my classroom but wasn't using, some I ordered through Scholastic with my classroom bonus points, and some we have bought! Sure hope our baby likes to read!

We have our last prenatal class tomorrow and a Dr.'s appointment Friday. Saturday I am heading up to the Miss Coon Rapids Pageant (I am a former...) and then Sunday is a baby shower for me put on by my SUPER WONDERFUL and AMAZING Aunt Mary & my LOVELY Sisters Heather, Heidi & Colleen :) I am so so so excited! Pics to come...

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  1. your bedding looks great! I love Younkers!! Shopped there all the time, their yellow dot sales are the best for anything, I love getting shoes on the yellow dot sale. Wish that they had them out West here but sadly they're only Midwestern stores!


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