Sunday, February 14, 2010

Babies R Us...You stress me out!

Yesterday, Josh and I ventured out to Rochester to do a little "baby shopping". There are some essential things that we still need before McBaby we figured it was a good time to go out and get them.

The first thing we wanted was our "Coming Home Outfit" for McBaby...well, that's utterly impossible when the store doesn't carry what we want! We will either be doing some "online" shopping, making our own, or settling for something else...
It's a surprise what we want! Man we keep everything from you guys :)

We got to Babies R Us to buy our stroller/car seat travel system, only...IT WAS NOT THERE! So we talked with the sales ladies, and informed us that "IT WAS NO LONGER AVAILABLE THROUGH BABIES R US"...

Josh could see me just steaming. I kept breathing, but knew that my blood pressure was rising to the max. This stuff was on our registry-why didn't they inform us of this??
Well, your guess is as good as mine.After a lot of searching, they realized that there was some stores that had some of our travel systems still available :) YEAH!
But...they were all in Wisconsin...SHOOT!

Then the Heaven's opened, God smiled down and said, "There is some located on Penn Ave."

BLESSED BE ALMIGHTY! I called my mom and dad immediately to see if they would be willing to pick this up and purchase this for us (check will be in the mail tomorrow to pay you back). Thank goodness they said yes :)

Because everything in the "Graco Deco" is being "discontinued" was all on sale...major perk!

So, my mom and dad were going to buy us the pack 'n play...well, in Rochester is was on a HUGE we bought that on the spot. Now by subtracting that total from the stroller/car seat total...Josh and I are happy to inform you all that our "Graco Deco Set" is now COMPLETE!

Thank you so much mom and dad for pulling through for Josh and I...yet again!

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  1. No problem!!! Now just hurry up and have that McBaby!! We are all excited!!! XOXOXO


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