Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yes - this is correct...we only have 5 more weeks to go until we are a mommy and daddy :) I don't think there is anything more special than this! I mean, you can count the weeks on 1 hand! That's it...1 hand :)

McBaby is growing...full grown in length actually! Or so the books say :)

He/she is gaining about a half pound each week. They say that he/she can gain more-depending on how much he/she has been gained throughout his/her stay in my uterus!

A fun quote from a weekly email I receive:
what you're thinking
"Should I bring my cute bathrobe to the hospital with the matching furry slippers or is that just crazy talk?"

I am going to go with a... so absolutely true! I did go out and buy new hospital Jammies to wear :) Call me crazy-but I'm excited to wear them. I don't like the hospital gowns. They are itchy and thin and gross!

McBaby's nails are continuing to grow, which means he/she will be in need of a manicure right away...oh darn, a spoiled child already :)
Mommy's schedule is starting to wear down now as we get into the final months. I have worked really hard with my internship hours and have successfully completed almost all of them. I'm coming down to my final meetings and finalizing my long term sub plans.

We have a friend that we work with who informed me that I was in her dream last night...
She had a dream that we had a girl and we had her in 2 weeks and 2 days...which would be February 26: 37 weeks pregnant...

I guess it could totally happen, but I'd prefer it not to!

So this is it...the final weeks...get your vote in now on what you think the sex of our baby is :) We are getting SO SUPER EXCITED! YEAH :)

Not so sure about my face here...GROSS!

Josh told me that these pictures show just how pregnant I am...he said that "I'm really starting to look pregnant"... He also informed me last night that he is starting to get used to seeing my big belly...not sure that is something I want him to get used to!

We visited the Women's Special Care Unit recently for our "Private Tour". It was nice to sit down (in the room) and talk with the nurse. We learned all about visiting hours, the first hour after birth, where Josh is going to sleep and all the other fun details! They have a security code now to get in. It's a 4 digit code that we'll be given when we go into labor. Then we can give this code out to family and be nice to us if you want the number :)

If you can believe it...I think we might be all set! We still have a few odds and ends that we need to buy, but I'm feeling pretty good!

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