Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That is LESS than one hand to count on! I can't believe it...we are getting so close! Think about all the fours in this world: there are four girls in my family, our cats each have four legs, we have four bedrooms in our house, I was 4th runner up at Miss MN, I've been teaching for a TOTAL of 4 years...and now we have 4 weeks left until McBaby arrives :) WOW!!!!

McBaby weighs about 6 pounds now and is full grown in length. I have have pretty much been gaining one pound a week-with a couple extra here and there...

I am STILL sleeping through the night with the 1-2 times getting up to go to the bathroom. Josh is starting to have a lot of dreams which is keeping him up. He had a dream that HE was pregnant and giving birth one night! I liked that one :) I had a dream that we "surprisingly" had twins...that was interesting...Josh has given me the rights to 3 1-hour massages before McBaby arrives! I was smart about it and I split these first two up in to two half hour sessions, and then I go for one hour the next two times :) I went last night for my first half hour and BOY DID THAT FEEL GOOD :)

My back stopped hurting a few weeks ago, which is a HUGE relief; however, when she started massaging my back (I was able to lay on a maternity pillow they have...they specialize in pregnancy massages), I didn't realize just how good it was going to feel! I didn't realize my back was that exhausted already!Then, during my massage, I started to get REALLY REALLY hot that I thought I would either pass out or throw up! So she turned a fan on and removed one of the blankets-that helped A LOT! But then, I started getting these pains in my lower stomach, and I started thinking "Oh my gosh, is this I going into labor right now?" Josh was in Mankato for basketball, and I was going to meet my girlfriends for dinner and a movie after my massage, so I thought, "Okay, call Steph and will get my bag (which I'm still packing) and then they'll be in the delivery room with me until Josh arrives..."

Then the massage was over, I stood up and felt fine! They sure liked the idea though :) Now Katie asks me when the next time Josh has an away game, because she's ready!! Haha-I have such good friends :)

Which by the way, you MUST SEE "Valentine's Day" - Such a good movie :) I'd totally see it again :)
Now I'm trying to compile a list of "things to bring to the hospital"...because we are at this stage of our pregnancy!!!! If you have any them to me or leave a comment with an idea!

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