Friday, July 26, 2013

Rainy Day Puddles!

Even Dad's have good ideas!  Yesterday, through all the rain...Callie and I started making a ballerina art project.  In the middle of painting, dad suggested we all go outside and play in the rain and jump in the puddles!

Great idea Dad :)  I think their smiles say it all :)

 The boys would run over into the grass and then come running back into the puddles!

Then Callie thought it would be fun to go on a walk around the loop!  This was the boy's FIRST official "Walk" - where they walked with us!  It was crazy having to chase them both around!  Strollers for twins are a necessity!

They loved the freedom of being able to walk around!  Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood!?  In the 30 minutes it took to walk around our loop (if you know where we live, you know it is not very big at all...a 1-2 minute walk tops)...not one car came by!

The kids love finding more puddles and walking through them!  Such a fun evening :)

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