Sunday, July 21, 2013

Track & Field Day

Austin is such an amazing community - and here's why!  They offer so many for families :)  Here is yet another super fun evening :)

On Thursday, July 18, we took Callie up to the Austin Packer Track & Field (Wescott Field) for a track and field event for children ages 3-14.  Right away we saw Lexi (thank God for Lexi too!).

We registered Callie and she was immediately given a participation about an incentive :-)

We arrived a little earlier, because we heard it is easier to hit up the "field events" when there aren't as many kids around.  Callie, I mean my grown up daughter, decided to head over to the Standing Long jump with Lexi and her friend.

Daddy and her brothers came out to support her big night!

Callie was nervous at first.  She doesn't like situations where people are watching her (unless it is dance - that she doesn't seem to mind).  We convinced Callie to do the standing long jump as long as Lexi held her hand and jumped with her.

She actually jumped 3 times!  Lex even tried to convince Callie to jump to her in the sand, but that didn't work.  Callie already had her mind made up!

That's okay with us though, she still did great!

The boys were itching to get out of the wagon...HUGE track, tons of you think we let them out?!

Daddy coaching Callie and teaching her how to throw a softball for the "longest throw" competition!

Nice follow through Callie!

Whoa who - great job!

Look who we found - her friend Clara :)  Callie was pretty excited that she knew so many of her own friends there!

Callie told me earlier that day that she was going to run in 3 races.  When we were talking to her about the standing long jump and softball throw - she didn't want to, because she said she was going to run!  Haha - okay then!  Thankfully they had 3 races that Callie could participate in. 

They have one race at a time - first up was the 50M Dash.  Callie was nervous at first.  I explained everything to her about running in her line, running down the track to the finish line (flags) and that Daddy was there.  I could tell she was so nervous because she kept asking if we'd lose her and if we'd be there at the end.  I'm starting to think her anxiety in big crowds is somehow related to her being afraid of separating from us :(  Poor thing.

Thankfully Clara & Ashlyn were both racing in the same age group (3-4 year olds first).  There were a lot, but they only would race 4-5 kids at a time (typically girls only and boys only).

Here's Callie FIRST EVER Race in a track meet!  I was SO proud of her that I was crying and my camera was all over the place.  I was able to sneak away and head to the finish line...she did it all on her own :)

We are so proud of you Callie - you did such a wonderful job!  She took 4th Place and was so proud of her ribbon!  She wanted to run another race :)

Hanging out with her biggest fans :)

I was taking a picture of the Denzer family and Callie said, "I want a picture with them!"  How sweet!  They really are her 2nd family :)  Some day Lisa, we can play this picture during their wedding slideshow...Callie with her inlaws :)

Staying hydrated!  This is key to staying healthy!

<3 Casey & Callie <3

Daddy walked Callie down to the end of the track for the 100M Dash :)

Here she comes!!


Our friends were across the track so she had lots of fans cheering her on :)

3rd Place - Awesome race Callie!

Well, we let the boys out.  There was a big break in time before Callie's final race.  We watched Ava & Casey run, we watched Lexi run and we cheered on a few other friends.  Collin wanted to play catch with one of the volunteers :)

And then Callie & Carter wanted to get in on the action!

They were so happy to be out of the wagon :)

Carter loved these little cones - they were just his size :)

Casey & Callie enjoyed watching some other kids fly a kite outside of the track.  Their name tags say their name and age for all of the "scoring".

I was also so very proud of Ava tonight!  She, like Callie, doesn't like big crowds, but she ran for the first time in front of them all :)  And she ran SO WELL and so far!  She rocked the 400M Dash!  Casey, well, he loves this stuff - he was pretty competitive (not sure where that comes from coughcoughJasoncoughcough).  They both did so well!  

Ava enjoyed resting and playing with the boys ;)  They liked it too!

Alright - it's the big one - Daddy walked Callie half way around the track for the 200M dash - Yes, our daughter ran the 200m dash!  I wasn't sure if she would run the whole thing, but by golly she did!  You can see her on the bottom right - her pony tail is flying in the air!

Yeah :)  She got to run this one with her friend Clara!

Great form Callie!

Here she comes -into the finish line (that's where I was)

Our winners walking towards the ribbon station :)  Both girls tied for 4th place!  I loved that they gave ribbons to all the girls - they placed 1-4th place.  If there were 5 girls (like this last race) the last two would take 4th place :)

Turning in their "place" cards.

Callie with two of her buddies Clara & Ashlyn :)

Quinn was there too!  Notice Quinn's 1st place in the 200M Dash ribbon - way to go Quinny :)

Callie & Ashlyn were playing while we cheered on the Denzer's & Lexi!

Like any amazing day on the track - it must be followed up by some delicious ice cream at the Dairy Queen :)  Clara was there and Callie asked her mom, Katie, to move so the girls could sit together!

Carter waiting for his ice cream...

Collin was getting pretty hungry!

Girls enjoying ice cream cones & Dilly Bars together :)

Callie Lynae, you continue to amaze me and make me more and more proud to be your mom :)  Thank you for such a wonderful evening :)  You could have controlled this with your independence, but you opened up to the idea of trying new things - which you loved!  I love being your mommy :)

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