Sunday, July 21, 2013

Playhouse Construction Day 4

Josh is a pretty amazing guy - so amazing that Brian & Herold both agreed to come down and help him with the playhouse!  They started working on it, but the air pressure thing stopped working :(  Josh got our neighbor to come over to try and fix it and after an hour or so, they finally went out, rented one, came home and realized it was actually the extension cord!  Great :)

While the boys worked, the girls (and kids) played :)  Callie LOVED that her cousins came down.  Claire had a blast playing with Collin & Carter- as did Auntie Colleen :)

Collin walking through the field of daisies - I mean weeds!

Claire chasing Carter around :)

I love this picture :)

Uncle Common Law Herold helping Jeff - I mean, teaching Jeff how to carry a piece of wood this large.  Great job bending at the knees too :)

Construction happening everywhere!


The boys had fun with Auntie Colleen & Auntie Heather!

Andrew and Carter tackling Auntie Heather/Mom from both angles :)

Snuggles for Auntie Colleen

Ooooh - kisses too :)

I love this picture!  I think they were dancing here!  My kids LOVE dancing, so clearly Collin was having a blast - Auntie Heather too :)

Kisses for Auntie Heather!

Carter gives the best kisses - wide open mouth :)  Hahahaha!

Auntie Colleen with her boys :)

Oh Carter that is so nice of you to share your milk :)  Don't worry Colleen, it's not breast milk anymore :)


Check it out :)    So long story:
Herold informed me that they needed two more 2x4's.  Heather and I headed out to the Builders Supply store here in Austin for some...they were closed.  We drove down the street to the next place - nope, closed.  I called ACE Hardware - they had ONE...I asked them to hold it while we ran to the other end of town to one other place that would for sure have it...well, they were also closed (seriously - 3:00 on a Saturday).... so we went to ACE to at least get the one.  While in the back, I asked the employee if he was 100% sure they didn't have anymore...

Meanwhile, a very nice older man asked me how many I needed.  I told him two, but we'd have to wait on the next part...he informed Heather and I that he helped tear down a building many years ago and built a huge shed...he had tons of lumber in the shed that we could help ourselves to.  He lives over near Todd Park he said. 

I called Josh and yup - we really did need more, so we headed out there.

When we pulled up, I kid you not, I took a picture and sent it to Josh - the black shed was a wee bit creepy and Heather stayed outside of the shed while I went in.  We both weren't going to go in...we've seen way too many scary movies!  

In the end, Heather came in with us and helped carry out two pieces of wood that were absolutely PERFECT!!!  He was such a nice man too - probably lonely and really enjoyed the company!  I didn't have any cash on me (and he said not to worry about it)... so I think something that would be even better to an old man who lives alone - a thank you note with a picture showing exactly what this wood helped us with...

The railing!  Herold put it together, but those two pieces of wood came from the sweet old man in Austin :)

Days finished product! 

Before everyone was getting ready to leave, Callie asked if "Uncle Karol" could sit next to her!  HAHAHAHA - I laughed so hard :)

Being silly!

Auntie Colleen is sneaking in kisses from all my kids today - it's her lucky day :)

Brian & Herold, thank you guys so much for all of your hard work!  Heather & Colleen, thank you for coming down and hanging out with me and the kids!  Claire, thank you so much for playing with my kids!  They had a blast with you and I wish you lived closer to babysit!  Jeff & Andrew - I hope you had fun...thanks for keeping the kids entertained!

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