Monday, July 22, 2013

MOM Parade in Byron, MN

As some of you may know, I love my MOM's Group!  This is a group of crazy women who all share a commonality...we all have a TON of kids!  Not just a lot of kids, but multiples :)  Josh and I pulled into Byron a little late (I was at the Winery earlier), but followed our float to its destination :)

Here are a couple group shots of all the MOM's that were there!

Here's Pam & I all ready to ROCK this parade with our sweet new shirts!  "Some call it Chaos, we call it Family!"  It has our MOM logo on the back :)

Trying to take a family picture - yup, this seems about right!

Meanwhile, Pam's family takes an incredible picture!

Advertising our group!

Check out those numbers!  CRAZY!!!  That is 68 SETS of Twins, 9 SETS of Triplets, 1 SET of Quads totally 244 Children to only 79 MOM's in our group (this is ONLY Active Members from this year)...HOLY CATS!

Look - one finally turned out :)

We were a ways back in the parade, so I took two of the girls to the start of the parade to watch and get candy!  Jackpot spot!  Kids start throwing HAND FULLS at the front - until parents realize what is happening and they stop it. I've discovered the best two spots are at the front of the parade route because they "over throw" due to excitement, and at the end, because everyone dumps out their leftovers!

Josh, Jake, Pam & the Littles hanging out in the shade :)

Our turn!  Callie started out really good throwing candy in the parade to little kids.  Knowing my new theory on candy in parades, I taught Callie to throw one piece at a time...we only had so much to throw :)

Throwing lefty!

<3  Love my family!

The boys were a huge hit!  Collin was laughing, yelling (his silly yell) and talking during the entire parade route while Carter was smiling, giggling and bothering Collin!  They even had their picture taken and I gave permission to post in the Byron Newspaper :)  Keep your fingers crossed!

Balloons - Collin LOVES Balloons!

At the end, we ended up at MOM Amanda Richardson's house - this is not nearly showing the amount of kids that were was INSANE!

MOMS - you have been there for me and for all the others :)  I absolutely LOVE and ADORE you all!  Thank you for arranging such a fun evening....can't wait to do another :)

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