Monday, July 22, 2013

Four Daughters Winery

Today, my three OLDER sisters and our mom all went to Four Sisters Winery in Spring Valley (like 25 min. from my house).  I have been wanting to go here and a few of us have made several plans to go, but it hasn't worked out.  Today it worked out for the girls in my family!

The inside is absolutely GORGEOUS and very well kept!

We each had a wine tasting of white wines!

Here is my 5 :)  And the beautiful glass!

YUMMY - what I was SO delicious!

Heather drinking wine :)  It was awesome to see - she's not much of a wine drinker...but after 5 tries, we found one she kind of liked!  Either that, Heather, or your body is saying, "FINE, I'll like you already!"  Which would be cool!

My tasting vs. Heather's tasting!  Don't worry - we finished hers!

Our glasses :)  Four Daughters and our mother!

My delicious apple crisp dessert!

We were given a tour, mainly because we are so incredibly awesome, but also because...well, we're so incredibly awesome!  It was neat to go back into their "Magic Room" (where all the magic happens) and learn about the process they go through to create their delicious wines!

The lady who gave us a tour, her name is Vicki, and she is actually the owner/Mother to four daughters!  Her and her husband built this place as a Legacy to their daughters!  Now don't you feel like an amazing parent...what one Earth am I going to leave my kids!?  We were all giving mom a hard time, but don't worry - there's still time for you to build one!  Haha - kidding!

This was their crusher & de-stemmer machine!  It's not like the movie "A Walk in the Clouds" when Keano Reeves has the hot romantic scene when they're crushing grapes with their feet!  No - they have a machine that does that...

Guess what those stainless steel barrels are full of...oh!

And these...more wine!

A panoramic of their custom wines :)

Heidi being a dork...

The vineyard!

Grapes are growing - ready for Harvest in September!

Here I am in my happy place!

Heidi is also enjoying her happy place!

I decided to get creative with the two bottles I bought...why wouldn't they need their picture taken in their home :)

Well, their first home, technically I'd be their adoptive mother who is going to drink them :)

Corn - yes, we're dorks...

:)  It is a fun picture though :)

More grapes - These are beautiful!

Here we are in the vineyard :)

Four Daughters Winery - their food is amazing, I highly recommend it! Four Daughters Vineyard

In southern MN you can find corn and vineyards :)

Birth order in front of Four Daughters!

Their welcoming sign :)

Of course I needed Heidi to drive her car over to use her car as a resting place for my camera!  We needed a self timer picture :)  (all our group shots are self timer - I'm that good)

"Four Daughters!"





And yours truly

(here's the other one where I'm on the opposite side to keep it consistent, but it was further away, so I posted both.  Hey - my blog, my rules!

Thank you ladies for a fun day.  Thanks mom for picking up the entire tab...that was a surprise when I went to pay!  

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