Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Busy - Fun Filled - July!

I can't help but wonder where on earth the month of July is going.  I mean we are already half way through and Josh starts work again on Monday.  That's a rude awakening for him!  Last year he welcomed this mini break.  The boys were just 2 months old and he was ready for the break.  Now our kids are SO MUCH FUN and we are doing so many fun things with them that neither of us want to go back :(

Here are several things we have been doing this July...

We met up with Auntie Kayla & Uncle Mike at the Mall of America.  We went on some rides - and yes, Callie did the Log Chute!  I couldn't believe it!  They are just to the right of the bright yellow shirt.

There they are - she freaked out after the first drop I guess and HATED the final drop!  Poor girl, but she was sure brave :)

So we don't even watch Dora, but she sure knew who Dora was :)  But how cool to see Dora and have your picture taken with her and Diego :)

These two just can't get enough of each other :)  Sometimes I feel bad for Carter, because Callie and Collin are so much alike and really share this strong bond.  Carter gets in on the mix sometimes, but he prefers to be on his own :(  It makes me sad, but I can't help but allow my heart to melt when I see this picture :)

Uncle Mike with all the bags, stroller and my purse :)  What a guy :)

Carter's FIRST ride :) He and daddy went on the big trucks :)  He wasn't sure at first what to think and didn't really like it - but he warmed up!  He enjoyed it by the end.

Collin & I also went on the trucks.  I'm sure you can guess his reaction - he LOVED it!  He was steering both wheels, honking the horn, looking all over!  Very curious!

Callie LOVES rides that are just her size (and don't have huge drops)...she loves this one and I love her smile :)  When did my baby girl get so big :(

For two weeks in July our kids attended swimming lessons as well!  This is the ONLY time you will see our family at the public pool in Austin :)  You see, both working with 5 year olds, we know a lot of kids - and we wouldn't be able to enjoy our family with that many kids yelling "Mr. McRae" or "Mrs. McRae"..."WATCH THIS"

The first day, I was a little skeptical on how Callie would do.  This was her first year in the water without us, but she did very well.  She held onto her teacher the whole time, but I was impressed that she was doing it without us.

Callie in line with her class :)  Another downfall - Austin does not have zero-depth swimming pools...which is a major bummer...

We didn't have the boys swim their first day, because, well, this was Josh's procedure day!

We had a nice talk with Callie after her first day, talked about safety in the water and how her teacher can't hold her the whole time.  Eventually - okay day 2 actually - Callie was much better and felt safe in the pool.  She didn't need her teacher to hold her and was going across the pool by herself.  

The boys were so-so about the water!  I feel bad because Callie was in swim lessons at 6 months.  The boys weren't until they were 1 year old :(  They were okay in the water as long as you held onto them :)

Carter doesn't like the splash pad too much, but Collin - of course, loved it!

 We are now entering the Fourth of July!    The decorations were up, the snacks were being made, and we were preparing for Callie's big race with her cousins and the 4th of July Parade that we love so much :)

I saw these on Pinterest and they looked so yummy and so easy, so I just couldn't resist :)  Callie helped make them and learned patterns!  She knows her AB pattern and ABC pattern :)  WHOA WHO - thank you Fruit Kabobs :)

In Austin they have this Mini Piggy Run on the parade route - it is 1 mile long and so much fun for kids.  Unfortunately, Callie doesn't like big crowds or people starring at her, so she was very shy at the start of the race.  I had to carry her 3/4 of the mile...I finally got her to run in the rest at the finish line.   Talk about frustrating!

Collin & Carter enjoyed cheering their sister on as she ran past :)  Trygg and Trey were far ahead of her!

Now we're all ready for the parade to begin and here is our crew!  Josh laid our chairs out the night before so we were in a shaded area :)  Thanks sweetie!

Callie & Ella in their matching outfits :)  Seriously SO CUTE!

Carter looks adorable in his hat :)

Collin loved holding onto the flags :)

The Vets were walking through with the American Flag-Callie was starring up at the flag on the light pole with her hand on her heart!  I love her!  This picture says America right here!  Decked out in Red, White & Blue, hand over heart, parade candy bag in hand :)

I love these two little rugrats :)

I made Callie's hair was a nice touch to her outfit :)

Kenny King from KAAL TV News :)

Jet was walking in the parade too!

And Derrick!  The kids were very excited to see him!  Thanks for all the freezies :)

Bruce was at the parade too and Bruiser took a picture with him - AWESOME :)

Ballet at all times :)

She's so good that she even got Trygg to dance with her :)

What would a parade in Austin be without all of the Disney Princesses!?  I will admit, I may have been a tad bit more excited than Callie was :)

Callie with her Auntie Heidi :)  Heidi - she sure loves you and I know she is going to hate that you're moving.  I may have started talking about it and she was pretty upset and wants to go with :)

These next two pictures melt my heart :)  Love and miss you Bruce :)

Perfection :)  God Bless the USA!

We grilled out and hung out after the parade!  Callie sure loves her cousins :)

 I didn't capture any pictures of the evening, but we went over to our friend's house.  There were 19 kids there - all under the age of 7!!  It was such a fun time :)  Callie was throwing a minor (okay HUGE) tempter tantrum before we left, so she didn't get to go.  I took the boys...and that was crazy.  After two hours, Josh and Callie finally showed up and she had a blast with all her friends.

We were going to go out and watch fireworks, but while I was changing her brother, Callie fell asleep in my lap - completely 100% out cold.  So we stayed in instead.  Josh and I sat by the fire and had a couple drinks.  The fireworks started around us and I thought - I should check on the kids.  Good thing I did too - Collin was so scared!

Freedom Fest continued in Austin for their Pancake Breakfast :)  It was a great time!  We went with the Denzers, kids ate lunch and we looked at all the planes and even saw some landing and taking off :)

Callie waited patiently for a balloon.  She asked for Ariel - of course she would :)

She's so proud of her new balloon!  It lasted the whole day too!

This plane was in WW11...obviously has been restored!

 I love my family - the inside of this plane was crazy small!  I'm not really sure how someone could fit in there comfortably.  I would absolutely become claustrophobic if I were in there.

Matching Hair :)  Ava didn't think I could braid her shorter hair - I proved I could :)

After the pancake breakfast we headed to the St. Ansgar Pool!  Such a fun time - it wasn't very crowded and the boys LOVED the zero depth pool - mainly because they were able to walk around without going under.  The level was perfect for Callie too!  She was able to swim with Ava & Casey without having us hold onto her.

Carter swimming with Daddy!  So clear...makes me want to go back :)

So Callie wanted to go down the water slide so badly, but every time she got to the top she got scared and didn't do it.  Josh tried, Lisa tried, finally I went up with her.  You know me - toughen up, right!  So Callie did it - she went down with out hesitation!  These pictures are awesome!  Half way through, Callie turned around and was going backwards - probably extremely scary for a 3 year old...but she was a champ ;)

I came down after and was SO proud of her!  The slide was fast and I could see how she flipped!  She didn't go on it again that day :)

Yup this seem about right trying to get a family picture!  Callie wanting to swim away while the boys cry :)  Haha!

Maybe this is more like it - boys cooperating because they're 1 and don't really have a clue yet!  And Callie being miss independent - swimming away...

But then we compromise and make it fun :)  Every one's happy and we have a cute family picture from the pool :)  Just ignore the fact that I look like a whale...

 Daddy and his boys - man they just wanted the water so badly...even on safety breaks :)  I mean, what's not to understand about that?  Everyone out - even you boys!  Oh, the zero-depth water is inviting and calling your name!?

And he's off :)

We finally finished up the full two weeks of swim lessons.  Some days both boys would go swimming, other days one would, other days both would but their teacher would hold one of them.  On the last day, the kids kind of have free reign of the pool.  The water slide is open for everyone!  Of course Callie did not want to go down - if you are wondering why you clearly did not read above about our trip to St. Ansgar :)

Daddy took Collin down and he was okay with it.  He didn't cry and he didn't hate life!

Carter on the other hand hated it and cried the whole way down!

Our summer has consisted a lot of outside time too!  Not this week as this week is just too hot to have the kids out....but Callie eats many meals outside.  Her go to meal is a peanut butter & jelly sandwich :) She LOVES them!  One day while she was eating - a friendly deer came strolling through our yard to say hi :)

And then he squatted in our neighbors yard to go to the bathroom...Callie thought this was pretty funny!

Our friends, Lindsay & Tony McDermott were married this past Saturday and we had the opportunity to share in their special day!  They both looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Can you believe that she gave birth to four kids...yeah I can't either :)  Triplets at that...STUNNING!

This was so neat!  Instead of a Unity Candle, they each had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Together they combined their flowers into one to show their unity in marriage!  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and a great memory of this special day :)

Callie loved watching their wedding!  She saw Lindsay for the first time and said, "A real princess's wedding!"  That's right Callie, Lindsay really did look like a princess and Tony her handsome prince :)

During the cocktail hour we walked around the Nature Center for a little bit :)

Callie and Abriel (Tony & Lindsay's daughter) walking hand in hand together!

These two had a blast walking around the Nature Center together!  Callie took on a "big sister" role, it was really cute to see.  She doesn't typically do this with her brothers!

My handsome fellas along for the stroll :)  All in all, they were all well behaved during the wedding, but boy was it nice to have Taylor come over that night to watch them so we could go out to celebrate!

Callie, Lindsay and Cordel or Brycen (not sure which!)
Callie just couldn't get enough of Lindsay!  Sorry that she creepily starred you down the whole day!  You looked absolutely radiant!

Back at home - Collin's new trick is to craw on top of the couch and then onto the end table...then he gets stuck and can't get down!  Great!  Carter likes to do somersaults - so this is him in his beginning position :)  Way too funny!

There's been a ton more and I know I missed so much - but this what was on my camera when I finally transferred my pictures :) It's a random post, but I really don't care :)  I finished it while the boys slept and Callie & Daddy played princess downstairs.   Now to finish cleaning...oh that's never ending!

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