Saturday, June 29, 2013

Playhouse Construction

A beautiful day in Austin has arrived, and we had some very special people come down to help us with our playhouse.  If you remember from a previous post Click Here when our friend Garrett Jensen came over and started building our playhouse, we were waiting for summer to begin so we could work on it some more :)  This is not a one day project!  In fact, it is a lot more complex than a single person job :)

My parents came down to help and my Godmother, Debbie and her very talented husband, Mike came down for the day.  They arrived about 9:45/10:00 AM and everyone was out the door by 9:00 PM.  That is one full day of work :)  But more appreciated than they will ever know :)

 They buys were busy all day working, measuring, marking, cutting, lifting, moving, nailing, drilling, etc...  100% NO INJURIES :)

Us girls hung out on the deck all day chasing kids around.  Now I think our job was just as difficult as the guy's :)

Getting the roof up :)

Check it out - I helped!  This side never would have gone up if it weren't for me :)  Hehe

Look there I am again - poking my head out one of our windows!

My man hard at work - learning and loving every minute :)  

Kids spent the entire day outside - aside from the boy's 2 naps and Callie's 1 hour of quiet time in her room!  All meals were outside and they ran around the backyard all day, played with the neighbor kids and swam in the pool :)  She cuddled up on Debbie and fell right asleep!  Debbie told me she wanted to keep calling Callie, Cori!  She said that Callie reminds her so much of me when I was her age that she keeps thinking it is me :)  Which rocks, because I think Callie is an incredible little girl with a HUGE imagination and vocabulary :)

All done for today!  Walls are up, roof is ready for plywood and shingles!

Back view :)

Other back/side view looking back towards our deck :)

My Princess all snuggled up on Debbie :)

Thank you to everyone who helped!  Our kids are going to LOVE having this great place to play and grow!  We have some pretty amazing people in our lives!

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