Friday, June 7, 2013

Collin & Carter: 1 Year Update

I've had this done for quite some time - Just forgot to post it ...

I cannot believe that I am actually writing this post!  I didn't think this day would come so quickly!  In their Birthday Party Post, I took the time to thank those close to us who have helped us, and I shared their birthday pictures!  This is going to be like any typical monthly update...their facts :)

12 Month - ONE YEAR - Update:

Both boys are eating table food now!  They absolutely LOVE chicken nuggets, hotdogs, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti, goulash, bananas, strawberries and mandarin oranges.  They inhale their food as if they have never eaten before or that this will be their last meal!  We have officially stopped with formula as well!  THANK GOODNESS!  They are now drinking whole milk - still out of a bottle, but we're going to be working on the transition to the sippy cup!

Both boys are sleeping through the night.  They sleep with their blankies and snuggle right into them.  Collin typically sleeps spread out in his crib with some body party pressed up against the crib railings while Carter sleepings on his tummer with his butt in the air :)  Whenever I open the door to check on them before I head to bed, the slightest noise will wake them up, but when one of them is screaming in the middle of the night - they sleep through it!?  Seriously...It is SO nice having them both sleep through the night!  I can't imagine how terribly sleep deprived we were!

Both boys are also wearing 12 month clothes...they fit into some 18 month clothes, but for the most part are consistently wearing 12 months. 

Collin: 21 pounds 6 ounces
Carter: 20 pounds 12 ounces
This seems more like their birth weights :)

Collin: 29.5"
Carter: 29"
Crazy how close these two knuckleheads are in weight and height :)

Both boys are also wearing size 3 diapers, and I don't see us moving into size 4 just yet!
Kidding - we've moved into size 4 diapers about 2 weeks after their first birthday :)

The week before they turned 1, Carter came down with a stomach bug :(  He was home sick with me for two days.  Poor guy had a high fever and was throwing up.  This was Wed./Thurs. before their birthday party (Sunday).  I just knew Collin would get sick...sure enough, Sat. and Sunday Collin was running a slight fever and was very lethargic.  Still in good spirits, but not himself.

We brought them both into their 1 year check up 3 days after their first birthday, and Collin had a double ear infection and a vaccinations for them...we'll go back in when they are healthy!  Carter was perfectly healthy, but we chose to have them pricked together.

Photos by Into the Light Photography

Fun Facts:
Both boys are extremely active and curious.  If we had to describe our boys in one word, Josh and I have agreed on the words:
Collin is saying a few words as well: Mom, Dad, Up, Ba (ball).  He walks all over the place, loves to be outside, enjoys eating dirt, sticks, rocks, etc...pretty much anything he can put in his mouth - it's there!
Carter is saying a few words as well: Mom, Dad, Up, Uh-Oh!  He is starting to walk and is taking 3-4 steps pretty consistently.  He wants to be held all the time and has a hard time touching the grass, sand or water.  He loves playing with cars :)

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