Monday, June 24, 2013

Princess Dance Camp

Callie attended her very first Princess Dance Camp!  She loved this!  The only problem is that Callie dresses up so frequently that almost all of her shoes are broken and some of her crowns are damaged (I'm talking EVERY SINGLE DAY...).  She takes very good care of her things (well, for a 3 year old)...

Right away when we walked in, Miss Ashley came running over to see her :)

Here's my beautiful Princess Belle!  With a Snow White crown & Cinderella glass slippers :)

Callie and her BFF Ella Langemo :)

Her brothers were THRILLED to be there to watch another dance performance...can't you tell :)  
But really, when the girls came out, they loved it!  Probably because it was a group of pretty girls dancing in front of them :)

Here is the video of the "Parade of Princesses" as they paraded out to the stage!

Callie is RIGHT in the middle, but back row.  Kind of hard to see her - but she's there!

Again, she's in the back middle - so it's hard to see her, but she did so wonderful!

Miss Bizzy led the Princess Camp and will be Callie's Dance Teacher next year!  We are very excited Miss Bizzy!

Of course Belle needed her picture taken with Mrs. Potts and Chip!

Callie and another friend, Clara :)  Nice fake smile, Callie :)

All in all, she loved dance camp!  There is one more in July, so we'll probably be attending that one too :)

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