Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

Callie and I discovered that today was Donald Duck's Birthday! 

And being a Disney Loving Family - we HAD to celebrate his 79th Birthday :)  Donald Duck was born June 9, 1934 in a near a beautiful pond :)  

His favorite color is blue, so Callie insisted that his cake be BLUE :)

She is such a good helper!  She mixes everything up and helps pour it into the cake pan :)

Next up, Callie and Grandma Lynn (AKA - The Fairy Godmother) were drawing some birthday decorations on our door!  You can see The Fairy Godmother's beautiful Donald Duck that she drew :)

Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse arrived for the party!  Here Callie is posing with them - she actually wanted her picture taken with them...can you see them!  LOL!  Quite the imagination on this girl!

Not the most beautiful cake, but who cares - it was so much fun!  We both colored pictures for Donald Duck as well!

Princess Belle posing with the cake!

And look - Snow White made an appearance :)  Callie was so excited when she came to the door!  She wasn't sure what to think :)  She was excited and probably confused all at the same time.  It didn't take long for her to snap into full on character...Both Belle & Snow White were having a GREAT time at Donald Duck's Birthday Party!

LOL - She couldn't stop staring at Snow White!  She even brought her a crown :)

Of course there were candles, and someone had to blow them out!  Callie thought he was turning 4, so we put in 4 candles.

Of course we ALL sang to Donald Duck!  Belle, Snow White, The Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and 2/7 Dwarfs sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALD DUCK!!!  (our neighbors probably think we're crazy...but I LOVE IT!)

Collin - I mean one of the 7 Dwarfs, was able to enjoy some cake too!

As well as Carter - I mean another one of the 7 Dwarfs :)

That's not how princesses eat cake :)  Haha - silly Belle!

Next up, a Tea Party!  Donald LOVED his Tea party!

Full on character - Mini Snow White came too!

Two Snow Whites, 2/7 Dwarfs - what a fun time we had :)

Well Donald Duck, we hope you had a fantastic birthday party!  We sure enjoyed celebrating your Birthday :)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALD DUCK!

It was a perfect way to spend this rainy day - celebrating your birthday!  Even Callie said she didn't mind staying inside, because it was so much fun planning, preparing and celebrating your birthday!


  1. you did more for donald duck's birthday than i've ever had done for any of mine.

    1. I can plan your next party :) I'm thinking "Gopher Theme" or - I could do Hawkeye...cut RIGHT through that cake...LOL

  2. Donald Duck is my favorite,so I bought a lot toys about it.I think liztoys is very well.


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