Monday, June 24, 2013

SURPRISE! Heather turned 40!!!!

My sister Heather turned 40 - that's right....40!  What an incredible surprise party Heidi put on for her :)  We arrived with plenty of time to spare!  Enjoy the photo story of Heather's 40th Birthday!

Heather, you may be 40, 10 years older than me, and closer to 50 than I am!  But I love you very much :)  I am so happy that we were able to help celebrate your big day with you :)

Aunty Colleen instantly started cuddling with Collin :)  and taking self pictures :)

We're not crazy, but we did bring our baby gate!  It is so helpful and we ALWAYS know where the boys are!  You are not allowed to judge us unless you have multiples :) 

Callie kept a lookout for Heather :)  She was peaking through the fence and telling us all to be quiet!

Carter was rescued from jail by Gramma!  He was very comfortable in her lap and happy to play with my water bottle!

Heather was running a little behind, so I took Callie and Trygg to the park across the street!

My baby girl isn't a baby anymore :(  She's mastering all of the obstacles at the park...I'm so proud of her!  And she didn't fall into the huge puddles of water :)

Auntie Colleen came to the park to play :)

Playing in Auntie Heidi's photo booth!

I love her!

Ah - a dinosaur!

Love you mom :)

Yes - be afraid, be very afraid :)

We got the word - Heather was just pulling up :)  So here we are - waiting in suspense :)  I love when they all yelled at me to sit down when they had JUST pulled into the driveway :)  She still had to get out of the car people!

Head cut off :)

Heather with her cane :)

Collin LOVES my dad...seriously LOVES him!  They look alike and act alike :)

Snuggles for Grampa :)

Callie found Arial's Sea Shell bra and a grass skirt in Auntie Heidi's drawer photo booth props box!

She was wearing this the entire party and even put on a show for everyone :)  She sang and danced for us!

Kisses for Prince Eric :)

Collin snuggling on my dad again :)

Grampa playing with Collin - sharing his hat!

Looks like Collin hit him with a leaf!

Carter latched onto his cousin Claire right away!

Collin walking with Auntie Heather's walking stick

The boys trying to share! 

Carter LOVED playing with these balls!  He was so content just sitting in the shade playing with these!  

Callie LOVED the chocolate covered strawberries :)

Kids hitting the pinata :)

Callie...just being her dramatic self :)

Cousin Love :)

Like he isn't wound up enough - Auntie Heather shared her birthday cake with Collin!  He did anything and everything she told him to.  She said sit, he sat.  She said open, he opened!

We brought Carter into the photo area!  He was loving up on this toy sucker!

Seriously - ADORABLE picture!  He looks like a little explorer here...with a giant sucker :)

Hey look - they're together again!

Grampa insisted on snuggling them both!  A little more difficult now that they are getting bigger!

What a fun day it was :)  We were so happy to celebrate Heather's birthday!  We love you girl!

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