Thursday, December 5, 2013

Princess Callie's Halloween Dance Performance!

I am way too far behind on my blog to even attempt an excuse, so I decided that I am going to just hammer out some fun memories between Callie's Halloween Dance Performance and now :)  Marathon blogging starts NOW!

On October 26th, Callie had her Halloween Dance performance where she was able to dance in her Halloween Costume :)    Callie made the most beautiful Ariel I have ever seen...and she LOVED being her :)

Callie was a bit nervous, because she doesn't like people looking at her when she is dressed up...which is shocking, considering she is always dressed up :)  She was pretty excited to find her friend Aurora there and ready to dance :)

Callie has such supportive brothers - they tag along to all of her dance shows and support her :)  What a great cheering section she has!

Callie's getting ready for the show to begin!

 And we're off :)

Callie and her friend Clara after the show!

Callie and Taylor :)  Taylor babysits for us all the time and she is also a Just for Kix dance teacher :)  It's fun to have a familiar face around!!

You had a wonderful performance Callie!  Your daddy and I love watching you dance, because you always practice so hard, keep a smile on your face and do well because of your hard work :)  We are so proud of you!

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