Sunday, October 13, 2013

Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch 2013

Today was a beautiful day to head out to Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch!  Even though we have our fair share of pumpkins already, we still wanted to go there for the fun activities :)

The entire way there, Callie was talking about how she was going to get her face painted; however, when we arrived, she wanted nothing to do with it.  Mind you there was more people there than I have ever seen I really don't blame her :)

Collin & Carter got their face painted, and within SECONDS, it was smeared all over their faces :)

Traditional Pumpkin picture :)  Farmer John's 2013

There seems to be some traditions that I just can't get over :)  Like finding Farmer John's yearly pumpkins!!  So much fun for our family to remember :)


Callie LOVED going down the Silo Slide :)

So did Daddy :)  I wonder if he'll ever get too old for this?  Probably not!

2011 Daddy going down slide   

2012 Daddy going down the slide

        2013 Daddy going down the slide

Carter absolutely LOVED it - although he really likes slides :)

Collin had a blast too!  We didn't send them up the ladder and into the silo, but we placed them on top of the slide and they seemed to enjoy it!

Look who we ran into at Farmer Johns :)  The Crews Family!
It's like a sibling Family picture here :)

We also saw Maddie & Max Port!  Their daddy has fun on the slide too :)  Lynne, I captured this awesome photo for you :)

Callie had fun playing in the other silo as well - it was full of straw for kids to just run around in.  If Callie can fit through this small opening...

... So can mommy :)

Who would have ever thought we would be picking Raspberries instead of pumpkins at Farmer Johns!

CAUGHT...We bought 1 pint and I'm pretty sure they ate one pint.  We paid for 1.5 :)

Evidence all over your face Carter!

Collin was mad here - he wanted another bite :)

Family Photo 2012

 Family Photo 2013 :)

WOW have the boys grown :)  Callie likes her typical pose too :)  Standing in the middle - in the back.

How Tall This Fall Photos through the years :)  I couldn't get 2010 & 2011's photos to flip and I decided to give up trying :)  I also couldn't find my 2011 Farmer John's photo of Callie :(

 Callie 2010

                                                                          Callie 2011
(Can't find our Farmer John's Picture)

Callie 2012 

                                                                            Callie 2013

              Collin 2012                   


      Collin 2013

    Carter 2012 

                                                                           Carter 2013

Collin was still mad - he still wanted to eat more raspberries!

I love this sweet innocent look on Carter's face :) 

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that this was a two headed body :)  The boys were tackling each other in the straw silo - man did they have fun in there!  Until the big boys came in, then it got crazy so we got out :)

Collin was fascinated when he looked up inside the silo :)  It is pretty cool!

If this doesn't express pure joy - I don't know what does :)

Callie and her Gal Pal, Maddie :)  I love these two girls and Callie adores Maddie :)

Maddie's little brother Max was rubbing it in the boy's face that he was he tried to pull the wagon and take them away so the three of them could get into some trouble - turns out, the boys weigh too much together for little Max :)

Giving Lynne some HUGS!!!

As we were getting ready to leave, Callie got into a "take a picture of me" mode ;)  So I took COMPLETE advantage!

A Farmer Jan Pumpkin - this is the FIRST time I have ever seen this :)

Callie Loves Farmer John & Farmer Jan :)

Another beautiful pose!

This is a must stop every fall for our family :)  If you're ever down here around this time of year, we would LOVE to take you :)

A new witch display :)

She wanted her picture under the pretty fall tree :)

And to end our trip, she wanted her picture taken in the middle of the pine trees :)

All in all, we had another WONDERFUL time at Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch!  We missed the Wagon Ride this year, but maybe we can come back and try again :)  Thank Farmer John & Farmer Jan for another successful year at your Pumpkin Patch :)  The McRae Family had a blast and made wonderful memories :)

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