Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goldy, meet the McRae Family

Goldy came to the Mall of America back in early November, so we took the time to go up and meet him!  Of course we were all decked out in our Gopher attire and loving every minute of it!  My mom joined me to help with the kids (3 little's in the Mall of America is just not safe...), and daddy joined us shortly after.

It was better than I imagined it - Goldy spent so much time with my kids.  I'm sure he was totally annoyed of them too...they were chasing him around the store, knocking stuff over, dumping the crayons - it was chaotic, but the memories are priceless, so I don't care :)

Goldy was trying to help Callie color - which she started out shy, but quickly turned on her charm :)

The kids all got free gopher call squeekers too :)  Plus we all entered into a drawing and guess what...We later found out that Callie won a $25.00 gift card to Goldy's Locker Room :)  Way to go Callie!

The boys sure loved playing with him!

 Playing peek-a-boo with Collin :)

He chased Carter around the store until he cornered was that funny to watch :)


Ah - so sweet!

 Picture perfect photo of Callie & Goldy!

Hey look - Daddy showed up :)  And he has a sign that says "Hello Green Gophers!"  That is his classroom...the Green Gophers!  How cool is this picture!

New BFF for her!

 Collin and Goldy!

I think I would like to print each of these and frame them in the boy's bedroom!

Carter looks like he was crying, but here he had his hands up to his face (obviously) and was scrunching his nose!  He was laughing :)

Family photo :)

Gramma had her picture taken with Goldy!!!!

Uh-Oh Grampa - you better watch out :)  Goldy is putting the moves on Gramma!!!! 

And one last kiss goodbye :) This picture is so sweet!

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