Thursday, December 5, 2013

Halloween Party!

Lisa Denzer and I hosted a very fun, informal and last minute (planning was last minute) Halloween party for our friends...okay...for all the kids :)  No adult beverages were had!  The kids had a blast :)  Ava and Callie helped with the planning!  All of the stations had a sign that gave a description about the station and what you were supposed to do!  Each sign was drawn by either Callie or Ava :) These two girls did a wonderful job :)

Mystery Bags - feel the ooey gooey Halloween surprises in the bag :)

Cookie decorating

The food!  We had everyone bring a dish/snack to share that had a Halloween theme to it!

The goodie bags for kids to take right away...and look a prize to fill it with already!

Guess how many M&M's were in the jar :)

Making ghosts!

Making "Bats" using our hand prints!

Face Painting

Collin & Carter's bats :)

LOOK - Flounder & Sebastian are getting away!

Oh Sebastian - you're so cute!  You too daddy :)

Collin found his buddy, Uncle Jason :)

Can you believe we had TONS of kids on the trampoline and NOBODY got hurt!!?

Callie sure loved decorating her cookie :)

SO CUTE - nice work Lisa :)

We had TONS of kids at our party - thanks to everyone who showed up!

Two of my favorites :)

One of their favorites - Lexi & her boys :)

These were sure cute!

And these were delicious!  Actually, I didn't have one - they were gone, but they looked wonderful!

Working on some art projects :)

Lynne & Max the Monkey :)

Simple face paintings can make a girl so happy :)

Fun Toilet Paper bowling :)

Way to go Callie :)

Callie was singing to baby Illa - So sweet :)

Yummy - round # 2 for cookies?!

Some of the adults...

Kids playing :)  The littles stayed over here while the bigs were pretty much all on the trampoline!  I'm shocked it didn't A. break or B. have someone get hurt!

Bouncy Bouncy Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun...the wonderful thing about jumping is...
The Denzer's have a trampoline :)

Here are all of the kids minus one...that is pretty good :)  And the majority are looking at the camera!  SCORE!  What a fun day we had!

 Love these girls - even the pouty Ariel...

Such a beautiful new mommy :)  What a sweet pea you have there!

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