Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Fun :)

It was that time of the year again to carve our pumpkins!  We ended up receiving a TON of pumpkins - some for free, others because Super Fresh in Austin had a HUGE sale :)  Callie loves to prep our pumpkins, clean them off and prepare for carving!

Training her well already - she's holding the strainer so mommy can pick out the seeds to bake :)  Daddy pulled a Farmer John - he used his drill to scoop everything that worked like a charm!

Callie got to draw her own face this year - triangle eyes, a heart shaped nose and a "spooky" mouth!

I love this pumpkin :)  She is so good at drawing hearts!  Probably because she wants to draw them ALL THE TIME...she can even cut them now :)

Next up was Collin's turn to get in on the action!  He of course went right into the pumpkin and played with the goo!

Dig it out buddy!!

I love him - he is so adventurous and care-free :)

Next up Mr. Clean Carter!  He wasn't too sure about this whole pumpkin business!  He would get his hands really close to the pumpkin and then back away!  It wasn't until Callie came over to help him that he actually touched it!

Such an encouraging little sister!  We are so blessed with these three beautiful children!  Carter is such a clean little man who is so observant :) I love that about you Carter!

The next day we built our HUGE leaf pile in the front yard.  Even though our tree was struck by lightening a few years ago, we are thankful for our neighbor's leaves to rake up into a leaf pile (like the fact that I found a silver lining for all those leaves!)

Collin joined in on the fun and had a great time :)  Carter on the other hand preferred to just watch from a distance.  He didn't like the feeling of being in the leaves :)


Haha - Callie was hanging onto my vest for dear life!  Haha

Up Up and Away!!!

While I was busy throwing Callie in the leaf pile - and clearly Josh was taking pictures, Collin decided to tear apart the Ariel Pumpkin I had carved for Callie...there goes her face :)

Boys LOVE LOVE LOVE riding on the rider with daddy!  I think we should get one of those side attachments like they have for motorcycles...they'd love this :)

** I am writing this in December, remember, I am really far behind...and I'm so mad looking at this beautiful weather in these pictures, knowing that outside our home right now it's below zero and windy...and no snow...

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