Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trick or Treating 2013

Halloween 2013 :)  We dressed Family Themed!  Callie said she wanted to be Ariel, then we asked her who each of us should dress up as and ... well, you can see for yourself :)

Daddy was Prince Eric and had his friend Max with him!
Mommy was Ursula and had Flotsum and Jetsum with her!
Callie was The Little Mermaid: Ariel and she had her friend Scuttle with!
Collin was Ariel's best friend, Flounder
and Carter was Sebastian 

These costumes were PERFECT - could not have been happier with how these turned out :)

My beautiful children :)

Time to go trick-or-treating to our friend's house :)

Callie and her BFF Colie :)

 Callie & Colie in their costumes!

Looking for yet ANOTHER sucker!

As tradition holds true, we attended the Halloween Trick or Treating at the retirement home!  The boys were loving getting all the candy while Callie was really shy this year.

That's okay with me though - less candy we have to eat get rid of :)

Callie & Collin entertaining one of the residence :)

Collin loving up on the grandmas!

A fun visit to the Colliers!  This is always a fun stop, because we love seeing Bob & Kelly :)  

We stopped at the Schwab's house - like we do every Halloween!  This year they had a beautiful pumpkin carved out in honor of Lauren.  She is truly missed and we think about her often!  We love you Schwab Family!  Thank you for allowing us to stop over and visit :)

Carter & his new buddy, Pat!

This is not just Callie's stash this year; however, this is a TON of candy...too much!  Next year, hopefully the boys will be old enough to sit for a picture with each of their pumpkins full of candy!

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