Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Medical Run Around

So as you know, our boys have been having a rough time keeping any food down. Since they were first brought home, we noticed the spitting up (aside from the typical newborn spit up). We immediately started doing things that we did with Callie and her reflux...

We've elevated the matresses in the crib to have it inclined. We now have them sleeping in their bouncy seats because those are more inclined...and they vibrate. They have been on two different medications: Zantac and Prilosec - neither of them have worked. We've added rice cereal to their milk to thicken it. We've tried burping them 100 different ways. They've had warm milk and cold milk. I've changed my diet (haven't done this to the extreme but have cut back on dairy-no change). We've also been taking them to the chiropractor for adjustments. We've changed their bottles from Avent to Tommee Tippee.

Results: Nothing has worked. Our boys are still fussy, still gassy and still spitting up every meal. They are visibly uncomfortable after eating and it takes them up to an hour sometimes to calm down after a feeding.

On Tuesday, July 3rd our Dr. called in a referral to have what we thought was an ultra sound done. They told us we wouldn't hear back from anyone until Thursday or Friday (because of the holiday). Thursday rolled around and I decided to call on the progress. It was 9:00 AM when I called...

Austin-Mayo informed me that the referral was actually sent to Rochester I called there. The first woman I talked to informed me that they did NOT have a referral on our boys, but was going to transfer me to a different department. I spoke with someone from who knows where and she told me she couldn't help me but would transfer me to the "referal department" - gee thanks...wasted step! This lady informed me that there was no referal sent from Austin. She suggested I call Austin clinic. Great!

I called back to Austin and the lady wanted to connect me to the on-call Dr. I had a mini fit on the phone and told her that I needed to hear back from them this morning. Literally 15 minutes later she called back. It turns out the referal was MADE, but somebody didn't send it in (and to think we were going to wait around to hear back from someone-possibly waiting until Monday). She was going to now varify with the Dr. something about our boys and put the order in. She later called me to inform me that the referal was indeed put in.

I waited until about 1:00 pm and called Rochester clinic. Guess what...the referal - DID NOT go in...ARG! I very patiently asked what she recommends I do....they connected me to Rochester Pedicatrics - the woman there was so friendly and helpful. She took down some information, called the Pediatric surgeon and informed me that our boys needed to have an ultra sound done BEFORE coming to Rochester (pretty sure this is what Josh and I figured all along...)

She contacted the Dr./nurse in Austin (oh, mind you - our Dr. is on vacation until July 18 - this wouldn't have been a problem otherwise...) a wonderful nurse (all going unnamed) was very helpful in having the other Pediatric Dr. here in Austin help us in anyway. She put in a call to have an ultra sound done on both boys and to see her shortly after. This was all happening at 8:00 AM Friday morning...

So here we sit, in the Dr. office, waiting for some news. Our boys both had their ultra sounds taken this morning. From the sounds of it - Collin's stomach fills up with food, but doesn't empty as well as it should. Carter had no problem emptying his stomach - this was a surprise to Carter is more fussy. The Radiologist has read the report, looked over the pictures and analyzed their measurements. Now we wait...

Are we going to be trying new medication?? Are we going to be driving to Rochester?? Will we be having more testing done?? I guess only time will tell...


Still waiting.....

Collin is waiting...and clearly needing a diaper change (our keyboard in the proof of blogging.).

Carter snoozing while he waits. They had to be down to a diaper for their appointment...I love how his little feet were sticking out!!!

And the results are in...the boys DO NOT have Pyloric Stenosis (spelling?). Although Collin had a more difficult time emptying his stomach (the milk flowing from his stomach to his small intestine) it was indeed flowing through. Carter - surprisingly - was just fine. They want us to allow ONLY 2-3 ounces of milk per feeding every 2-3 hours & to hold them upright for about 20 minutes after each feeding (we do this already, and they still spit up...). She also wants us to try Prilosec we are going to try this one more time.

They also have Thrush. We treated them for this already for 2 weeks, but they still have it - and guess who else's your clue: sometimes, I nurse the boys still...and if thrush is in their mouths...guess who has it on their chest...that's right - THIS GIRL :( So I am going to be treated for is as well (this is super common apparently...which makes sense!). We are going to treat them differently than last time, so hopefully this helps. The nurse did say that some of the fussiness COULD be from Thrush, because Thrush to a baby is like an adult having a mouth full of Canker Sores. YOWZERS - poor guys, I'd be fussy too!

So we'll try this...maybe a bottle of wine would help! Oh wait, that would probably only help mommy's sanity...and then I'd end up dumping that round (or two) of milk!!!

Even though we had a major run around...I am so thankful that the nurses and Dr.'s in Pediatrics are has patient and helpful as they are. We always feel so welcome and taken care of when we go there! We are very lucky to have such wonderful nurses and Dr.'s in Pediatrics!

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  1. Glad to hear everything is figured out for now. Thrush is very common, even for the moms. It only makes sense right? Hopefully things will start to turn around. Thinking of you two and your little ones! :)


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