Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Celebrations

We celebrated the Fourth of July in the extreme heat, but we did it well! On July 3rd, Josh and I dropped the boys off at Jessica's house for some cuddle time, while we took Callie to Band Shell Park for some Freedom Fest fun! Callie's friend Ella was there with her mommy and daddy, so we hung out together while our girls enjoyed their 2 year old freedom :)

First off - meeting the clown who made Callie the balloon animal of choice: a monkey! His eye popped before we ended up leaving, but she still loved him! He "fell" into our garbage can that night while Callie was sleeping...poor monkey!

They had jump houses - 1 ticket per ride and lucky for us - they let the girls go as long as they wanted :) Callie LOVES jump houses and would stay in it all day if we let her!
This is hilarious - They had a giant slide, and Callie and Ella went to the top together, held hands...ON THEIR OWN...and proceeded to go down the slide together! This is one reason why I love our camera and its ability to take continuous pictures:

And BAM! Both girls were okay and got up laughing :-)
This was a bug house - it was so cute, because the girls would poke their heads through this every time, then come down the slide!

The National Guard obstacle course! Callie was able to climb this on her own - not going to lie, I wasn't sure if she would have :) She totally did it!

Here she is climbing over the top!

And coming down! Thankfully daddy was there to catch her as she would have flown over the edge!

While we were eating, there were some jugglers on the stage! When they were done, I asked the girls if they wanted to go dance on the stage (they were dancing in the grass by us). We walked up to the band shell stage and asked if they could dance on the corner of the stage to the music...and they could! I loved watching them dance! Both of them remembered some of their moves from dance class! Video included for your viewing pleasure :)

Callie was having so much fun! She is a BORN performer :) She also calls herself a "DIVA" - yes, I may have said it once...but she remembered and boy is it funny!
Shake it girl!

When it was time to head back to the rides, the girls took each other's hands and headed off without us...what happened to our baby girls who needed us?!

Callie and Ella found another friend - Scott Walski :-) They had fun jumping together!

Their giggles were priceless!

They even had a mini go-cart track for did Callie like this! Daddy got sore. She was really good about putting her foot down, but steering was a different story! I've never laughed so hard!

Look at me dad!

On the Fourth of July, Daddy stayed home with the boys while Mommy and Calliie headed downtown Austin for the parade! Lucky for us we found our friend's The Langemo's! Callie was so excited to have more Ella time, and mommy was excited to have more adult time :)

Again, holding hands and looking at the parade - which started...down that way :)


Here's my parade partner! I love my Callie!

Placing her hand over her heart as the guard walked by with the American Flag to start our parade!

Watching and of course...waiting for candy!

Lynsey was in the parade!!!!!

Jocelynn was Mary Poppins!

Callie having her picture "taken" with the A&W bear...makes mommy want a root beer float :)

The clowns though Callie & Ella were super cute - and gave them plenty of candy to prove it!

Best item tossed out during the parade...freezie pops :) They were perfect on this hot day!

If you were wondering, YES Callie did come home with TONS of candy! Too much actually! I was taking handfuls of it and giving it to the kids next to us, but that still didn't matter...turns out, Callie LOVES parades!
We ended the evening with the Denzer's (the pictures have not been downloaded yet...I apologize). Callie had a blast playing and swimming with Ava & Casey, but mommy enjoyed sitting on the deck with Lisa enjoying some adult slushies :) Thank you for such a fun evening! As tradition has been created - we enjoyed the fireworks from the comfort of their deck...PERFECTION!

Josh and I were able to enjoy our Fourth of July festivities with some of our favorite people! Thank you everyone for making it so much fun and so special! Thank you to those of you who have fought for our freedom and have given us the ability to enjoy this day with our wonderful friends!

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