Sunday, July 22, 2012

Collin & Carter: 2 Months Old & Baptism

Collin & Carter turned two months this past Friday and then celebrated their own baptism two days later! It was a fun filled weekend to say the least :-)

Collin Donald

Carter Lowell
Two Month Update

Food - Breast Milk ONLY (still pumping). We are no longer adding rice-actually haven't since one month. They eat 4-5 ounces every 3 hours (mostly 4 ounces) - but are spitting up a bunch of it...

Sleep - They are sleeping a little bit longer, which is helpful! They usually go down around 9/9:30 PM, wake up around 1:30/2:00 AM and again around 5/6 AM. We can get them to go back to sleep after the last feeding, but they are usually up for the day quickly after...

Clothes - Our boys have quickly grown out of their newborn clothes :( They are in 0-3 months and 3 months. Carter is filling out much more quickly than Collin, so I have a feeling he will be moving out of 3 months soon...

Weight - We have their two month check up next week (our Dr. was gone so they are backed up). 1.5 weeks ago, Collin weighed 8.3 pounds and Carter weighed 8.10 pounds

On August 1, Collin weighed 10 lbs 3 oz. while carter came in weighing 10 lbs 13 oz.

Height - on August 1 Collin was 22.5" long and Carter was 22" long.

Diapers - They are both still in Newborns, but we are finishing the final pack of newborn diapers (and every newborn diaper in our house) and moving into Size 1.

Health - They are both still spitting up, but we are proud to say it is not AS MUCH! They are still taking prilosec, so we will see how this continues for them. We started giving them Gripe Water as well, and that seems to seriously have an immediate cure to their upset tummies & gas. We are still seeing a chiropractor, but she has been impressed with their improvements, so we only go once every two weeks! I had a moment where I stopped, pictured what we have been going through with one child...and I realized, it may not be THAT bad...we are just overly tired and dealing with all of this times two, so it makes it that much worse for us. I have been very thankful it's nothing worse...we have very happy and healthy babies who seriously don't cry all the time. Josh and I are just lacking sleep, so are more edgy~! Pretty soon they'll be sleeping longer :-)

Fun Facts - Both boys are wide eyed throughout a lot of the day. There are some days where I think they choose NOT to nap...
Carter likes to lay on his side a lot and smiles and laughs ALL the time! He does an awesome job of entertaining himself (in the bouncy seat he kicks and smiles like he is dancing & in the play gym grabbing for things). Collin wants to be snuggled in and held a lot. He has a thing for his mommy, so I get LOTS of snuggles! He smiles and laughs as well, and his cooing is SO SWEET!!! He doesn't like to be left alone - he will only sit in his bouncy seat if he is sleeping or about to fall asleep...and he'll only play in the play gym for so long... Both boys LOVE to be outside and look around :)

Callie absolutely LOVES her brothers! She has never said anything about sending them back or having someone take them. She actually gets feisty if you mention that you are going to take them. One day we dropped them off at Jessica's house and I kept Callie all to myself...she was getting mad that her brothers weren't with her! She kisses and hugs them often and always tells us she loves her brothers :) Don't get me wrong...she's no angel - she also steps on them, throws things at them, and sometimes kicks them...but those moments are very far and few between!

Collin & Carter were baptized at our church: Our Saviors Lutheran! It was such a wonderful, magical, emotional, perfect day! I can't help but cry when I watched Pastor Glenn baptize each of them. Just knowing that we are giving our boys the opportunity to be children of God and to have the seed of Jesus Christ in them at such a young age makes me so proud.

Jason & Lisa Denzer are Collin's Godparents. Blake & Brittany Pawlikowski are Carter's Godparents! Josh and I couldn't ask for better Godparents for our two precious baby boys! You are amazing friends (practically family) to us. You are amazing role models, hard workers, loving & caring individuals who want nothing but the best for not only your kids, but ours as well! We love you all so much and are beyond thankful to have you in our lives :-)

Our amazing and supportive family members and close friends came to celebrate! We had a GREAT time at the Holiday Inn last night swimming and eating pizza :-) The kids had a great time swimming :)

Then Brittany & Lynn helped me prepare all of the food for our "Omelet & Yogurt Bar" after the church service! We stayed up late talking and planning some vacations!

Grandma Lynn is super Grandma - she took on both boys last night so Josh and I could sleep in and have some energy for our boy's big day! What a wonderful thing to do - you are so giving and caring Lynn...we love you! And thank you for giving us some sleep!

Pastor Glenn did a great job with the service and I will forever remember this day - the day my beautiful boys were baptized! Enjoy the pictures :-)

The group eating Steve's Pizza Pool Side!





Collin being baptized


Carter being baptized


Pastor Glenn with both of the McRae boys!


Omelet Bar!!!


Yogurt Bar!!


Blake & Brittany Pawlikowski with their Godson, Carter


Jason & Lisa Denzer with their Godson Collin


Gramma & Grampa Shellum with the boys


Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Schwartz with the boys


Bredlow Family with the boys - they'd look good with 5 boys :)



Crew's Family with the boys!



Grandpa Don & Sharon with the boys!


Sundberg's with the boys!


Grandma Lynn with the boys :)


My absolutely amazing and perfect family of 5 :-)


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