Thursday, July 5, 2012

Minnesota Zoo and Family Friendly Competitions

On Saturday, we went to the MN Zoo with my bestie Alyssa! She wanted to take Josh and I and Callie and we were so thankful for a break away :) First of all, THANK YOU Mom, Heidi & Bruce for taking the boys on while we spent some MUCH NEEDED quality time with Callie! Thank you Alyssa for taking us to the zoo!

Callie had a blast and LOVED the animals :) Yes it was VERY hot, but luckily they had a water park area to cool off in :)

Daddy and Callie did a lot of exploring! I love her giraffe dress for the zoo - so appropriate! Sharon bought this for Callie last summer, and I am so happy that it still fits her :)

Mommy & Callie being silly :-)

Sharing ice cream with Daddy! These two are two of a kind :) She's just as much a daddy's girl as he is a Callie's Dad! If that makes any sense! In other words - she has him wrapped around her perfect little finger! But if you've spent any time with her, you'd be wrapped too :)

Checking out the penguins - this display was AWESOME!

It was so hot, and of course we walked past the water area...and of course we didn't have a suit. I was about to have her run around naked until we noticed they were selling swim suits for really cheap! Only $12.00 at the ZOO! It was hilarious - Josh was walking around with Callie - clearly fully dressed and a little boy stepped on a sprayer just the right way and DRENCHED Josh - it was HILARIOUS!

Here's the proof we have that Callie was naked at the MN Zoo! Haha - good girl crossing your legs!
We brought Callie over to the Little Hands Farm - something Callie was very excited about! She wanted to see Old McDonald's Cows! Haha - well, she went in to feed the goats with her daddy, but the goats all came after her at once and scared the living daylights out of her...I figured she'd want nothing to do with them anymore, but she watched Alyssa and I feed them from the outside and seemed okay with it! I just don't want her to be afraid of them from this one experience!

YEAH - the cow! I told her to turn around and I'd take her picture with the cow - well, the cow turned around and showed us his best side! Haha :)

Leaving the Little Hands Farm, Callie ZONKED out - this was her only nap of the day and it only lasted 15-20 minutes...but that was enough for this energetic girl :)
When we got back to my mom and dad's house, this is what I found :) Carter and Grampa snuggling and napping on the couch!!!

Callie and her cousin Trygg were quick to have a snack at Gramma's counter and play the iPad! Callie was teaching Trygg how to play her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse game - even though Trygg has his OWN iPad!

Uncle Josh and Tyler were playing on Tyler's iPad I'm pretty sure it was an intense competition! Shortly after, Josh & Tyler went to the store for my mom and came back with a new wiffle ball & bat & fireworks :)

We all headed over to the park near my mom and dad's house! And by "we all" I mean - WE ALL! The only family members that were not there was Heather & her family - but they were home and this was a quick impromtu FIERCE competition - don't worry Sandkuhlers we will do this again :)

The boys had fun hanging out during the competition!

Some of the family warming up and taking their practice round of our Home Run Derby!

Callie and I went and played on the playground while the other's were batting!

The family playing :)

Even Callie got to bat! She did so good and hit the ball!!!

The boys made their way out of their carseats to enjoy the evening air :)

Auntie Heidi played with the boys for a while - they sure love their bonding time with her and are glad to have her back in MN - okay, so that's mom talking...but we are glad to have you back :)

Callie kept calling Auntie Colleen over to sit with her :) You two kind of look alike here :) Which is no surprise considering how much Colleen & I looked alike growing up!

So my mom and dad have 10 extra people staying with them right now...this is what their basement looks like with all of the Bredlow's stuff (they were traveling remember) and our stuff (there's a lot with two babies)...poor did you manage :)

Such a fun day...I love having family time - the Home Run Derby - which was won by Uncle Bruce...I came in 2nd and would have won had it not been for the stupid tree....was a BLAST!

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