Thursday, July 5, 2012

McRae's meet the Bredlow's

As I stated in a previous post, my sister & her family moved back from Okinawa, Japan :-) They are currently bunking up with my mom and dad while they wait for their house to be ready & their items moved in :)

Callie was 3 months old when they moved to Japan, so it was like a first time meeting for her as well. I didn't get as many pictures of their first meeting, but the ones I got are sweet! There will be more pictures to come in a later post of our weekend with the Bredlow Family!

Like Tyler, Trey & Trygg, Callie was most excited to see Trooper! Mom, you may have to get a dog...Callie won't know what to think when she comes to visit and "Pooper" isn't there... She really does love this dog :)
We bought Callie a cot for traveling - and she loves it! She slept the first night in my mom's sewing/computer/pageant room...Her cousin Trey read her a bedtime story - that was fun and special :) Trey had the door closed, but I was able to sneak a picture :) I was yelled at shortly after too! "CLOSE THE DOOR!"
The next morning, Callie enjoyed a gourmet breakfast with her cousin Trygg! Cherrios with strawberries and blueberries :) YUMMY! You can tell from their faces that were enjoying each other :)
I love this picture!
Friday, after her gourmet breakfast, Callie went to her Grandpa Don's house to hang out with him and Sharon all day while mommy, daddy and the boys went to have our car serviced. When we were finished, we joined Callie in the pool and waited for Aunty Kayla & Uncle Mike to arrive!

Grandpa snuggled Collin pool side :) Grandpa was in the pool all afternoon with Callie! He was ready to feed Collin with a new bottle. On our way to their house, we swung through Target and picked up "Tommee Tippee" bottles - -they are supposed to help with "fussy, gassy & spit up"...we have all 3, so hopefully they work!
PS - Grandpa did great introducing this new bottle to Collin!! He took it right away and it's been successful so far :)
Sharon, also having just gotten out of the pool, snuggled Carter and fed him with his new bottle! Thankfully this brand has white and blue bottles...PERFECT - we can identify which bottle goes with which boy :)
While Grandpa & Sharon took a break from swimming, Daddy took over and got a workout! Don't be blinded by these photos - we haven't gotten outside much this summer to catch a tan :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! Everything about it is PERFECT!
Uncle Mike has a motorcycle, so Callie was trying on his helmet for future rides :) He also sold us his scooter! Yup, we are now owners of a scooter to putz around Austin :) I was afraid to ride it for the first time, but holy shit, this thing is FUN! I drove to Walmart to pick up a few things and had a blast! I told Josh that I want my own, only pink :) It's red and loud, but our neighbor thinks he can help fix that problem :)

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