Thursday, July 5, 2012

Minnesota Twins honoring our Troops!

On Sunday, July 1st, our entire family attended the Minnesota Twins game! My dad had contacted the MN Twins and inquired about Bruce (my brother-in-law) raising the American Flag before the game. Unfortunately, they already had a Veteran to raise the flag, but because my dad is a Season Ticket holder, Bruce was able to raise the Twins Territory Flag. It was such a fun moment to watch him raise it so proudly! At the end, when he saluted the flag, I got very emotional - which is why the camera started shaking more towards the end!!!
Meet the Bredlow Family!

The crew waiting for Bruce's debut!

The McRae family - all 5 of us - made it to the Twins game! We were HOT, sweaty, crabby and stinky! Callie threw up TWICE on our way to the game (Cottage Grove-Minneapolis...not a far drive)...

Josh was quick to purchase a DELICIOUS beer!

WHAT?! Where's mine!?

AH! Thanks for sharing honey! Nice face by the way :)

Colleen & Herold made it...Herold was smart to bring a towel - although I would have wanted it soaked in ice cold water!

This was the furthest I have ever sat at a Twins game! Since Josh and I bought out the two seats of the Twins season tickets (row 3 on first baseline) I've never sat anywhere further than row 3...this was crazy!

Carter and Collin were both super chill during the game - it was really cute to see!

My Diva enjoying the game - man was she well behaved! She kept yelling "Go Twins" and cheering for Joe Mauer, which is strange - because we never mentioned his name...she did that on her own :)

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Schwartz sat in front of us - Collin was hanging out with Great Grandma...even claimed her as his by spitting up on her :)

Our handsome "Twins" at the Twins game!

We made it to the 7th inning. We could have gone longer but it was so hot and we didn't want Callie to "lose" it while we were there! So we took off! I drove home, considering I had a LARGE Diet Coke to accompany me :) When we got home, Callie took her babies for a walk around the block in her new double stroller from Gramma & Grampa. This girl has so much American Girl stuff already and she's only 2! That's okay, because I love it :) She loves her new double American Girl stroller with her American Girl bitty twin boys...

Bruce, thank you for your service! We love you and are so proud of you! Heidi, thank you for your service and for your support with your loving family! Dad - thank you for your service as well...I'll always remember how excited I would be when you would come home from your two week trainings! I love you all very much!


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