Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend with Grandpa Don & Sharon :)

The weekend of July 22nd, Callie spent a the majority of it with her Grandpa Don & Sharon. Josh and I had tickets to the MN Twins game on Friday night, so Callie hung out, then Saturday, July 23rd, it was Kayla & Mike's Bachelorette & Bachelor Party. Sunday, Josh was needing "extra" sleep (if you know what I mean) we didn't head out until the afternoon...

Don & Sharon are the President & Secretary of their Condos, so they know pretty much everyone, their kids & their grandkids. One of the residents has a daughter not much older than Callie. Every time we're over, they try to get our girls together. FINALLY it worked out :) Callie & Zoe were playing together for a little bit. Go figure, Callie wanted to be her outgoing self and get to know Zoe up close and personal...That play date didn't last much longer. I think Zoe was tired and a little shy (new place, new people, new kid younger than her but picking on her...)...I really don't blame her :) Hopefully Zoe's mom doesn't think we're nutty parents & doesn't think our daughter is a bully and will want to play again.

Callie always has a blast playing with the mirrors in the hallway! I think every time we leave, there are little Callie handprints and mouth prints all over their mirrors :) But it's their Grandchild, so they don't mind!!!

Callie also gets spoiled with ice cream whenever she goes over! They even let her eat it in the LIVING ROOM! Better not start teaching her bad habits...hahahahaha!!!

And down the hallway! She probably had to watch herself while she ate it :) Either that or she's practicing holding her bouquet of flowers...look how my Little Miss America is standing - Pageant stance! I swear I DID NOT teach her that :)

She plays hard too...always something fun to get into :) Not even sure what this is, but I'm glad they took pictures of her playing :) It's fun to see what she does when we're not around!

Ah yes, the legos - must make a mess of those! Giraffe tipped over, legos coming out - I'd say this is a successful night of playing :)

Callie & Sharon on a walk through Centennial Park near their house! I've been to this park before and it's amazing! I can't wait to go back and go mini golfing :) And paddle boating!

Callie and Grandpa down by the lakes! They were feeding the duckies while down there and Callie LOVED it! I guess she kept throwing her goldfish to them!

I love my little sweetie :) Thank you for taking such fun pictures of Callie while we were away! I always feel a little better knowing I didn't miss too much of her weekend!

Just my little Ray of Sunshine :) She loves walks, love to eat on walks, loves to talk on walks, and loves to sit back and relax...on walks :) Man she lives a rough life :)

Sharon & Callie walking around Centennial Park!

For Kayla's Bachelorette Party, I made this AWESOME Popcorn Cake that I found on one of the blogs I read! It was so good - it tasted like a rice crispy bar! Topped with M&M's...YES PLEASE!

For directions on how to make this, you can visit "The Happy Home Fairy"! One of my favorite blogs :)

Thank you Don & Sharon for giving Callie such a fun weekend :) I know she had a blast!!!

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