Sunday, August 7, 2011


This weekend our dear friend, Ashley Connick married her best friend, Chase Cushman in her hometown, Omaha, NE! We've known Ashley for a few years now, as she taught with us in Austin at Woodson Kindergarten Center! I personally taught across the hall from her and after school, we would shut her classroom door and have secret dance parties where we wore silly sunglasses that her students used! She was also my assistant basketball coach when I coached the middle school that was a fun time :)

We had many fun and crazy times together with Ashley! Even though we are miles apart, our friendship stays the same :) We are so happy for this amazing couple! The wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS and she couldn't have been more BEAUTIFUL!

The ride down was very entertaining! We traveled down with our good friends in a 12 passenger van :) Many laughs and memories!!!

Chase works for President Obama as his Scheduler (I capitalized Scheduler, because how important is that job!!!). No, he did not attend the wedding, but he sent a personalized note to the happy couple as they celebrated their day together!

The rest of these photos are just laid out for your enjoyment :) So many laughs...good times with good friends!

Josh got a little sleepy before our "pre-cocktail hour"...
We left Austin at 5:30 AM to drive to Omaha, was a LONG morning of traveling...
but it was totally worth it :)

So I had some fun with him :)

Jason & Lisa Denzer...AMAZING Couple :)

Lisa & I all dressed up :)

McRae's :)

This is the type of vending machines they have in NE!

The ladies :)

Ashley sharing a special moment with her parents!

The beautiful Bride - Ashley Cushman :)

Old memories :)

The McRae's traditional "make the couple kiss" dance!

I'll kiss you any day :)

Great dance moves, Chase!

Lisa and I :) She is such an amazing, honest, caring and loving friend!

Our traditional dollar dance...I love my friends :)

All the girls, all dressed up:
Amy, Katie, Cori, Ashley, Stephanie, Alisha, Sarah & Lisa

My sweetie

:) Oh boys...Josh & JJ Galle

Stephanie Bisek...I have never seen you so happy!

Lisa and I had a modeling session (Josh being our photographer)...yes, I'm sure he was loving every moment of this too!

The bride saw us and wanted to join in :)

Work in ladies, work it! You can only imagine how it was when the three of us were together in Austin...Ashley, we miss you :) Yes, we are teachers!


You don't need "Things" to be need Friendships!

Every couple needs a couple...Josh & I with our life coach...Lisa :)

Thank you Chase & Ashley Cushman for an amazing weekend! We were so happy to have shared in your day and create memories that will last a lifetime :) Best Wishes!

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