Friday, August 5, 2011

McRae Olympics!!

A post you have all been waiting for I'm sure :)

On July 30th, we hosted our FIRST ANNUAL McRae Olympics! We had a total of 24 of our close friends come out for the event! Although you will not get to see ALL of the pictures...have to sensor these you know :) I will post some of the fun ones :)

This was Josh's event! I told him that I would help get things together (food, drinks, organizing, etc...) but invitations, follow-ups (people never RSVP anymore...) and planning were HIS responsibility!

He did a fantastic job of planning! He ordered the Keg and had it delivered to our house on Saturday evening! He had all of our lawn games set up and ready to go - directions taped to each one! He had the beer cups ready to go, tables set up for "tippy cup" and "beer pong" and we were ALL SET!

We served Burgers and Hot Dogs! I made some delicious cake pops and a popcorn cake :) We had fresh veggies from my garden and a delicious veggie dip to accompany it! Our friends brought so many wonderful dishes to share! Over all, the food was DELICIOUS! Perfect way to start our events...full tummies :)

We started the Olympics with a HUGE game of Lightening (basketball)...for those of you who don't know how to play...figure it out, because this game rocks! I've been playing it since I was a little many have! I personally had a great hot streak going on! One step up and BAM - I got the person in front of me out! Then I had one miss and Josh got me out :(

Josh ended up taking first place, Andy second & Derrick third! Our medals were SWEET! I had been saving soup can lids (all had a smooth edge thanks to my smooth edge can opener) and we wrote "McRae Olympics 2011" on them! When someone won an event, we wrote that on the other side!

Next was lawn games: Bags, Washers, Lawn Darts, Polish Horseshoes, & Can Jam! Everyone was paired up with a partner (not the person they came with! - Great way to help everyone meet someone new)...and you had to earn points at each event. In the end, the team with the highest points WON! Josh can't remember who are winners were for obvious reasons...Remember, I said we had a keg!

We also played this ridiculous game called "lightning" - but it was an electrocution had to push the bottom when the light turned green or you got zapped...Derrick won this game...I sucked and was out right away!

The night ended CRAZY! Josh passed out (sorry, but it's true), keg stands were taking place, tippy cup, beer pong! Over all, everyone had an amazing time! Sorry there aren't more pictures...just couldn't post all of them!!!

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  1. sounds like a lot of fun and a great day with friends!


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