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On Thursday, August 11th, Josh & I packed up the car (very full) and headed up to Northfield, MN with our beautiful daughter...and to-be Flower Girl!

Josh's sister & my wonderful & favorite Sister-in-law was about to marry her best friend, Mike Sundberg - who we love! These two are a perfect match in more ways than one. There's an old saying "Couples who play together, stay together" - These two are a good representation of this quote!

The wedding was taking place at The Grand in Northfield, and we were staying at the Archer House - which was a very sweet hotel :) Don & Sharon let the 3 of us bunk up with them, which was brave, because not only do we come with A LOT of stuff, but it was Callie's first hotel experience! Which, she did GREAT!

The rehearsal was a blast, and Mike's parents hosted an amazing Groom's Dinner (the food was seriously AMAZING! I wanted to slather the potatoes right to my thighs they were that good!) Mike took Josh's lead and bought his groomsman toys: Nerf Guns :) There were little Nerf Gun bullets flying all over the room! Callie received a SUPER cute "Flower Girl" shirt from Auntie Kayla (she made it!) and a "Super Grover" (perfect gift by the way - she LOVES him!) We emptied one of her bags, and she was walking around the room collecting these bullets! She had a bag full and was having a BLAST!

That night, Josh stayed down with Mike & his buddies for a few beers and Don & Sharon were hanging out with Mike & Colleen (Josh's awesome Aunt & Uncle - flew in from Colorado!!!) Anyway, I took Callie back up to the room and was going to give her a great bubble bath before the big day! The tub was filling up with water, the bubbles were everywhere, and Callie was ready to splash around! I went to turn the water off, but instead - the water cranked to SCORCHING HOT & the handle fell off! GREAT! I tried to put it back on, but it just wasn't happening. So I took Callie out of the tub, tried to open the drain - which the whole thing broke, but water was able to go down - wrapped her in a towel and called the front desk! The employee came up - who seriously was probably still in high school! He said "boy, this has never happened before, I don't know how to fix this...I'll get a wrench!" - GREAT! good idea, as my daughter is clearly wrapped in a towel - soap suds probably soaked into her skin!

Long story short, he came back with the wrench, LEFT it for us if we wanted to use it, and gave us a key to another room - so we could use that shower! By this time, Don & Sharon came back, so we finished Callie's bath together in the tiny sink! Oh boy - what a night :) Callie was a trooper, and the memory is hilarious! All showers were possible this weekend thanks to the wrench!

Friday morning - The day of the wedding :) Callie was up nice and early in hopes that she would take an early nap! I was off doing wedding duties to help Kayla & Mike! Kayla got ready and looked BEAUTIFUL! Her maid of honor, Katie, did a great job on Kayla's hair - I loved it! She had a make up artist follow her around all morning & afternoon for pictures (great idea) and everything was falling into place as their wedding day happened!

Family pictures were outside at 2:00, so I made sure to head upstairs and 1:00 to get ready myself and get Callie ready. She let me do her hair and get her dress partially on - when she realized what was happening, she threw a temper tantrum! Josh took her for a walk to calm her down, and we were able to finish tying the bow and putting her shoes on. Her dolly also had a matching dress that I made for her :) Callie looked beautiful and was ready to be Auntie Kayla & Uncle Mike's Flower Girl!

A girl's got to have her popcorn!

Feeding duckies - or "guckies"

Mike & Colleen :)

I will be 100% honest with you, Callie looked beautiful and I could not have been more proud of her! She did such a great job for her age and for the excitement of the whole day :) Her daddy and I were very proud and honored to be her parents (a first of many moments I am sure!)

It was time - time for the I Do's and the Mr. & Mrs! The girls were walking down the aisle, I was trying to entertain Callie as she prepared to walk down the isle herself! She would have done a great job if it weren't for me! You see, last minute before she walked down the isle, I took a water bottle out of her hands - BIG MISTAKE! She was mad and started crying, so her daddy came and carried her down the isle :) Callie did a great job of throwing flower pedals and all was great :) I missed the entire wedding though :( Because I wanted to keep Callie preoccupied so she wouldn't be a distraction to the ceremony and Kayla & Mike's big day!


Kisses for Auntie Kayla!

Kisses for Uncle Mike!

Colleen, my dad & I :)

Callie's perfect pedicure!

Getting sleepy!


:) Love this picture! Don & his kids...both married off!

Callie's Grandma Lynn & Larry deserve an award :) Around 8:30-9:00ish, they took Callie back to the room and let her go to sleep! They stayed with her until we came back about midnight! We didn't want her to be up later than she needed, and honestly, she doesn't need to be around the loud noises so young...

Thank you Lynn & Larry for not only taking care of Callie, but allowing Josh and I to spend time together and enjoy Kayla & Mike's special day without having to worry about Callie - we knew she was in great hands :)

Lynn & Larry :)

THANK YOU GRANDMA! I have been waiting for this cake :)

The DJ played, we danced, we had some beers, we took fun photos in the photobooth, and yes, we kissed :) So did the bride & groom - hey it's a wedding!

It's blurry - but SO CUTE!

Congratulations Kayla & Mike! We are so happy for you and so excited to spend more time with when's that baby coming :) :) Hehe - just kidding!!! Or am I???

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