Friday, August 5, 2011

My New Bench

My dad LOVES to go golfing! Not only does he enjoy it, but he's good at it! Something else my dad is good at...building things! A long time ago, I saw an HGTV episode with this really cool shelf! After some serious searching on the Internet, I found a picture of it! I showed my dad, and guess what...HE BUILT IT! It's hanging up in our basement!

Back to golfing! My dad was at one of the many courses he plays at, and he saw this really cool bench with flowers in it! To make a long story short, he wrote down the # of logs, length and sketched it :) And just like that my mom had a BEAUTIFUL bench in her backyard! I love it - it's a great place for pictures, it holds flowers, and best of all - my dad built it!

I decided that it was time for the McRae's to have a bench just like it! My mom is currently in Okinawa, Japan visiting my sister, brother-in-law and their three AMAZING my dad came down to Austin for a couple days and brought a car load :)

Time for Josh and my dad to start building :) It was a hot day too, so that sucked, but they were so excited to build this for me :) Callie and I had fun sitting back and watching! We provided both of them with lots of Powerade!

Callie and I went for a walk, but while we were walking it started to POUR on us...but it was fun! She was kicking her little legs as the rain soaked her legs! I had the rest of her covered, but I was soaked! We pulled down these Callie size lawn chairs and watched the boys, and the rain!

After they had the base of it built, they carried it to my backyard and plopped it where I wanted it! It's in a GREAT place, but you'll see that in a few pictures...

Oh yes, then it started to rain again, so they came inside to relax and try to stay dry (even though they were drenched in sweat!

Rain stops...BACK TO WORK! This is the finished product! You have to pardon my dead flowers on the's been REALLY hot and lets face it, I suck at keeping flowers alive! The right pot is my basil, and that's still going strong!

The builders! Thank you both for making me an amazing bench! I'm sure we'll have many wonderful photos taken in this spot!!!

My dad and I...I LOVE YOU :) sweetie pie :)
This might be one of my favorite pictures! I love how excited Callie is adorable :) She was sure happy to be hanging out on our new bench with her Grampa :)

Now I just have to stain it along with the deck...but that's a fall project!

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