Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day in the Life of Callie (July Edition)

The entire month of July (except some weekends), Callie has been waking up with her daddy and spending the entire morning with him! I have been teaching summer school all month, but am FINALLY DONE! The sad part about being away for a chunk of her day -everyday, is that she has wanted Josh all month. Her and I are going to spend some serious mother-daughter time in August :)

I'm making an assumption how her morning started off, because I wasn't there, and we all know that Josh doesn't blog! I guess this will be a fun story to make up :)

This morning, Callie woke up early - this I do know, because I heard her getting up as I was leaving! Daddy went in to cuddle her for awhile, but from the looks of it-it didn't work!

Callie couldn't decide which color paci she wanted, so she did what any toddler would do - have one in your mouth and one in your hand :)

Good morning Sunshine - hope you're ready for a fun filled day :)

Callie's new thing is to go to our refrigerator and demand it to be opened. She thinks she knows what she wants out of there, but really has no clue. I just know that the day is coming when she can actually open it on her own...

If you look on my counter, you will see two buckets of cucumbers and a plate of tomatoes. These are the ONLY tomatoes I got from my garden, because the stupid deer ate the rest that were green and starting to ripen :( They're all cut up and made into salsa now, so I'm glad I have this picture to remember them :)

Before bedtime, there are two books we go between - "On the Night You Were Born" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". She LOVES "Somewhere Over the Rainbow!" She actually tries to open it again when we are finished reading :) Looks like she wanted to hear it this morning!

Or just look at the pictures by herself...upside down!

Breakfast time :) From the looks of it, Callie is enjoying a banana ...YUMMY!!

Hmmm...Daddy gave you an entire BAG of Raisin Bran...I wonder what this could lead to? I think she looks so sweet and innocent here :)

Oh yes, I will just dump the entire bag on my tray! Not much left in the bag-WRONG! When I got home, I noticed a bunch on the floor! Nice work Callie, but I don't think Kix likes Raisin Bran :)

After breakfast, Daddy got Callie ready to go! He even tried to put her hair back, but that's difficult for daddy's to do - so onward they went :) Here Callie is all strapped in and ready to go :)

They came to see Mommy at work :) Yes, I have been teaching summer school all month! This was the last day, and we had a huge carnival for the students as a reward for hard work and good behavior :) I was the "Nail Painting Station"!! Callie got a fresh coat of nail polish on her toes!

The kids loved her too! She had a blast walking around, eating popcorn, cotton candy and trying to take nail polish :) The kids all thought she was "So cute"!

My students (all of the summer kids), were able to walk around the outside of the school without us, so they could enjoy THEIR carnival to its fullest! When the bell rang, I had to do some clean up, but when I walked back into my classroom (actually Jason Denzer's classroom that I was using over the summer), all my students were in there playing with Callie :)

We took a group photo because they liked her so much :) They all wanted her to give high fives, wear their hats, and play with them! Needless to say - this wore her out :)

Josh texted me that she fell asleep on the way home and was out cold when he put her in her bed! Poor peanut! She looks so peaceful here!

I got home at 12:20 - I remember this, because I was going to pick up Callie and go have a play date with our friends at a park. We met Callie's friend Lydia at our Mommy and Me classes when Callie was first born. I had to call Brooke to let her know that Callie was still asleep and we wouldn't be able to make it. I love how peaceful she looks when she's asleep!!!

When I finally heard Callie talking up a storm, I went in her room! She was pointing at her Gophers, so I started her mobile and watched her lay back and enjoy the U of M Rouser :)

After she woke up, it was some mandatory cuddle time with Kix :) She LOVES Kix so much! I love hearing her little giggle (actually it's more of a deep stomach laugh) whenever they are together :)
Kix wanted nothing to do with her cuddle time, but Callie was willing to hold on for dear life until he was completely away!

Next up: LUNCH! Because she slept through her lunch, she needed to eat something!

Chicken Fingers, french fries and Peas :) She's been REALLY picky lately with her eating, but I am always so happy when she eats her peas!!

Then we decided to have some fun with the camera :) I'll get you my little pretty!!! HAHAHA

YUMMY PEAS! I love the look on her face in this picture :)
Looks like she's up to some trouble!
We are hosting McRae Olympics this weekend (that'll be a whole other blog post), so we had to go to the grocery store to get some supplies :) Callie was an awesome help! She ate her treats, drank her juice and said Hi to everyone :)

We also made a quick stop at Walmart, because I needed a bunt pan (Made my popcorn cake)! While we were there, I swung through the "baby" isle to get Callie some baby bottles for her very own Baby! In this picture, she is actually "burping" her baby - I was showing her how to feed then burp! I think she's doing a great job :)

Time to change babies diaper! Not quite sure how to do this one yet, but she still had fun :)

LOVE this picture of Callie feeding her baby!!!

She loves sitting in her silly booster chair - we have a high chair in the kitchen, but this one is for traveling - well, she always sits in it :) Now she wants to feed her baby in it :) So silly! Sometimes when she's really good, we let her have a snack in that spot!

Time for supper! We had leftover chicken fingers and some fries, so she is eating these for supper! She is also enjoying some Plumogranite Plumcot!! She loves these! They had samples at HyVee, and she kept eating them :) The ladies there thought she was so cute so they kept giving her more :)

After supper, I packed all of Callies things up for a weekend at Grandma Lynn's house! We loaded up the car and were headed off to meet Grandma Lynn & Larry at Champs in Burnsville. Callie had a second dinner! She was pretty ticked off that she had to go from sitting in the car to sitting in the restaurant, so luckily Grandma spoiled her and let her sit in her lap :)

I love their kids meals at Champs, because they come with a little ice cream sundae at the end :) Callie Loved the ice cream!

She loved it so much she wanted Grandma to have a taste!

And Larry! But he had to come to her - she wasn't going to let him take the spoon :)

Callie's all ready to head off with Grandma & Larry to have a fun filled weekend :)

One last hug, kiss and picture goodbye...Why it's so hard to say goodbye, I have no idea...

And off they went :) What is Larry pointing at you ask? It's not the Mattress store... its...

A Princess Jewelry store :) Hehe!!!

And off they went :)
This blog isn't ending like my typical Day in the Life...Callie's day ended with a drive to Grandma Lynn's and being tucked into bed (she was already asleep in the car)...

I love you Peanut and I hope (know you will) have an amazing weekend with Grandma :) See you Sunday!

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