Saturday, April 20, 2013

Play Dates and Projects!

I know I have said this before, but Josh and I are truly blessed with wonderful friendships!  Aaron & Lynne Port are two wonderful friends and they have such adorable children...bonus: their kids are the SAME AGE AS OURS!  YEAH!  Plus, Aaron and Josh play men's league softball together, so Lynne and I get to be together all summer :-)  I think I win this one!

We had to keep rescheduling play dates because between 5 kids - someone was always sick...but we're all healthy and the date happened!  We started our evening by the girls (Maddie and Callie) making pizzas!  The boys all hung out ready to be served whatever we put in front of them :)

 Lynne & Aaron playing with the girls!  Callie LOVES playing here, because Maddie has so many fun toys and their basement is big enough to burn lots and lots of energy!

 Carter LOVES their stairs and took off...looks like both our boys can climb stairs - great!

 I feel like Collin has Callie's same personality.  When Callie was younger, she would bully everyone...well, Collin is doing the same thing.  He would take things from Max or just bop him on the head like he was little bunny foo foo or something!  Poor kid :(

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of these two beauties!

 Okay so I was giving the girls a horsey ride around the room when I thought it would be funny to attempt a push up!  They weigh a combined total of what - 55 big deal!  I have been running...okay ran one time, but still!

  Yeah that was an epic fail!  I went down nice and slow - but that was it...went down and didn't come up!

 The girls were playing Disney Just Dance...they were so cute and had a blast :)  Next up - bath night!

 I love this picture of the three boys together - they look like they could be triplets!  Which - this was a snapshot into what my friend, Pam's life must be like for bath time!

 Of course the girls took a bath together!  Lynne uses a clear shower curtain and then closes it and folds in so the kids can splash all they want - GENIUS!  We have a frosty clear - so it looks like I will be heading to the store...this worked GREAT!  Thanks for the idea :)

Gross, cold, snowy/rainy weekends require crafts!  Callie needed something to keep herself occupied...since we have cut cable from our TV now :)

A little fine motor action going on here with these tweezers and beads!

And painting her "collection" box (as she calls it) from her friend (bday party gift).  She loves this and stores all her collections in it like Ariel does :)

If you are wondering why Callie is wearing her swim suit - well, 24/7 - in our house, Callie is in full blown character!  Since I won't let her walk around with her Ariel tail on topless - or wear a bra...she wears her swim suit with her tail...all the time :)  It really looks like she is bringing sunshine into our home on these cold days!  Whatever, dude...she loves it :)

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