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Collin & Carter: 11 Month update

One year ago, about this time, I was very close to weighing in at 200 pounds.  I never reached that weight, but was so darn close.  We were preparing for the arrival of two babies at one time...

Now, my boys are 11 months old.  They have 1 more month until they are officially ONE YEAR OLD!  I can't believe it.  This time has flown by.  I'm so thankful I've been blogging monthly updates, because I fear that I would have forgotten pieces of information that I wanted to remember!  They went from nursing to feeding does this even happen in 11 months!?  I'd be really impressed if they started potty training :-)  Wishful thinking...I know!
 Easter 2013

11 Month Update:

Food: The boys are both eating real food.  So much that Collin prefers to eat normal food vs. baby food...crazy how quickly that went.  But about 100-200 plastic Gerber containers later, I think we have spent enough money on baby food!  Carter prefers baby food sometimes still, but is getting better at eating.  Some of their favorites:
* Mac 'n Cheese & hotdogs
* cooked carrots
* diced ham and cheese
* peas
* strawberries, bananas, grapes (but we don't like the after effects of grapes!)

Carter LOVES spaghetti, but Collin hasn't eaten it too well...and they both LOVE Goulosh (Lisa Denzer's delicious recipe)!!!

Sleep: Both boys are sleeping in their own cribs and all night.  They do still wake up randomly to cry, but we make them cry it out!  For the most part, they are starting to sleep through each other's cries.  They both have their blankets that their Great Grandma Barsness made them that they sleep with.  Carter gets so excited whenever he sees it too - and they both dive bomb their blankets and snuggle into them :)

Clothes: Well, it is official - on Sunday, April 14th (6 days shy of their 11 month update), I cleaned out their 9 month clothing and filled their drawers with 12 month clothes!  Several of their onsies would still snap shut, but their pants are starting to get a little short.  Meaning my boys are skinny and long :-)  It's fun to pull out the new clothes and see what we have to dress them up in!  I get sad packing away all of their clothes and my favorite outfits.  I only found 1 outfit that was in our "next size up" drawer that was 9 months, brand new and never worn.  They have worn that outfit twice this week!  So as far as clothing - they are officially in 12 month clothing.  I have noticed their new 12 month sleepers are a little snug, but I think it's the brand!

Weight: Both boys are weighing in at about 20 bounds.  Collin was the high 20's and Carter the lower 20's.

Height: I'm not sure on their height - it'd be nice if they could have Dr. appointments every month so I could have these facts :-)

Diapers: Still in Size 3.  Changing them is slowly starting to get a little easier, but they are so squirmy!  Excited for a game that we will be playing at their first birthday party...oh the suspense!



Health: Both of the boys have been healthy for this past month!  We brought them in (a couple times) because we could have sworn they had ear infections, but thankfully they did not.  Carter still has his 8 teeth and Collin is still rocking his 6 teeth.  They both needs hair cuts (must get done before their 1st birthday and 1st birthday pictures...Collin's "hawk" is starting to look a little too long!

Fun Facts: Collin is taking more and more steps everyday!  Today we counted 16 steps before he fell down.  He honestly looks like a drunk man walking around - he's so wobbly, but you can tell he is so proud of himself :-)  When you are playing with him and he gets really excited, he crawls really fast, then puts his head down and continues crawling for speed!  Future track star!!??  Carter is very much a crawler still, and has no intention of figuring out walking.  He has been doing a little bit more free standing, but prefers to crawl.  Both of the boys are so playful and are figuring out toys.  Callie will call them into her bedroom, close the door and the three of them will play together.  I love it and I love that she includes them in her imaginative play.  Collin loves the typical educational toys: rings, shape sorter, balls, buckets, etc... while Carter is straight up boy!  He LOVES cars and drives them around the room saying "vroom vroom".  He gets so excited when there are cars.  Both boys LOVE Callie's Duplo Lego set and play with it often!  They're not building, but they enjoy playing with the legos :)

 Collin's crazy hair :)

 Collin with his Easter basket

 Carter with his Easter basket!

 Collin opening his Easter eggs

 Carter eating the treats off the floor that were inside his Easter egg :)

 Carter was sleeping, so he missed out :(  
Collin got to go swimming for the first time with Uncle Bruce - he loved it!

 This is how they roll :)

 I love how Carter plays obstacle can stand a chance when it comes to his cars!

 Collin started coloring - look at his artwork :)

 Stepping out for Autism :)

 Mommy with her boys!

I love my family!  We're all out supporting Autism :)

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