Monday, April 22, 2013

MOM 2 MOM: Mother's Day edition :)

My friend, Sarah, and I teach a MOM 2 MOM class -it's a time where us mom's get together once a month to do fun activities and play with our kids.  It's a great time for our little toddlers to get together with other toddlers and play, explore, imagine and the big one...SHARE!  This month was Mother's Day themed....since two moms are planning these, we picked things we would love :)

Callie LOVES coming to these classes - she calls them "school" and goes to play with all her friends!  Tonight we planted flowers in a pot...

 And then Callie was able to paint her pot...she really took her time on this and really enjoyed painting it :)

I tried to get artistic in my photo taking :)  I love her serious expression here!  You can tell she is really taking her time :)

The finished product...absolutely 100% PERFECT!

Next up was a mother-daughter footprint craft :)  Callie's purple feet!!!

Being silly (notice she's dressed up...could be all day if we let her)

LOVE LOVE LOVE - her feet fit in just perfectly!

For snack we stuck with the "flower" theme and had dirt cups :)  The kids loved these and Callie chowed hers down!

Eating the worms...haha :)

We have one more class in May - it's a Father's Day themed class!  We love going to these and playing with other kids :)  The conversations with the moms are great and we all give and receive advice - so wonderful!  Sarah - I'm thinking we will have to do this again in the fall  :-)

Since I am helping plan and lead these classes, I didn't feel it would be possible to manage the boys as well.  I bring all crafts home for them to participate!  I will be stamping their feet tomorrow for the mother/son footprint :)

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