Saturday, April 20, 2013

MOM Spring Party

On Sunday, April 14th, we headed to Rochester for our MOM Spring Party (Mother's of Multiples) and had a blast!  It was fun to talk with several other MOM's and DAD's (dads and doubles I like to call them...) and our friends, Pam & Jake Schwarz were there with their 4 absolutely beautiful children!  The weather was really crappy, so not a lot of families showed up.  We needed to get out of our house (the weather was bringing us down) and so we ventured out in it :)

Callie was making a caterpillar with circles - it turned out cute and is hanging in our house now!  I'm sure if the weather were to get nice it would turn into a butterfly!

We gave the boys a pipe cleaner (don't worry, I bent the ends in) and this kept them entertained for a long time :)

Callie's completed caterpillar!

Next project: coloring and creating a kite...too bad we can't fly it though ... again, this darn weather!

Even though Easter was a long time ago, they had an egg hunt.  There were plastic Easter eggs scattered all over the common room and the kids had a great time crawling all over picking them up!  The boys would open all of them, probably searching for treats -because that is what the Easter bunny left in their eggs!

Callie had fun too :)  She looks so pretty here!

I thought for sure Carter was going to crawl right into that glass door!  But he didn't...probably just saw his handsome self :)

 Callie showing me her eggs!

Our boys and the Schwarz boys were having fun dumping the eggs into the tote.  Then they would sit there and play in was super cute and made me realize I need to make the boys a sensory bin :)


The older kids (well, the ones that the parents said it was okay) were given a bag full of candy as their "prize"!  All in all, it was a great day and it was so nice to get out of the house and socialize with friends :)

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