Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day: McRae Style

Who doesn't love a snow day!  Well, we do...actually we are obsessed with them!  If we didn't have to make them up after a certain number, I would have a snow day once a week in the winter!  It's not that I don't like my job, it's just that I LOVE my family that much more and would rather spend time with them :)

Our day was fun filled and awesome!  Josh let me sleep in today (wow did that feel good to catch up a little bit).  Even though I could hear Carter freaking out, I decided to stay in bed and sleep...

I woke up to a pancake breakfast (awesome) and a happy little girl playing away :)  We gave Carter & Collin some pancakes for breakfast too - they loved it :)

Here is what we do on snow days!  We bake cakes and decorate them to look like castles! 

We play outside in the snow!  We go for rides in our sleds, build silly snowmen who are upside down and run around in the backyard!  We make snow angels and get snow all over!

Carter fell asleep on our nice long walk!

Hehe - I bet my neighbors think I'm crazy :)

We have unexpected but so excited play dates with our friends! 

We read books and play games with our brothers!

We do arts and crafts with mom and create amazing St. Patrick's Day crafts for our house!

Our St. Patrick's Day wreath is hanging in our front door!

She made such an awesome face!  I'm so proud of her!

We play with our Princesses!

We dress up in Princess Dresses and sing songs (yes, I did record Callie singing).

We grill out and hope for summer by enjoying cheeseburgers on the grill.

We eat our delicious cake!

We smile, laugh and have an amazing day!

Oh yeah, and Daddy gets our taxes done!  WHOA WHO!

Thank you Mother Nature for this very needed day of fun with our children!!!  I'll always remember these fun filled days :-)

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