Monday, March 18, 2013

Princess Clock

Alright Pinterest - you have nothing on me...this creation is straight up my very own and YES - people still can be creative on their own!

When working with my students, I often tell them "When the big hand gets to the #3 we're going to be done with this ____."  Tonight for Callie, I decided to give this a try!  I put a small heart sticker on the minute hand of my large clock in my kitchen and a diamond on the #6.  I told her that when the heart touched the diamond she needed to get ready for bed.  She ended up having 30 minutes left to play.  She would run into the kitchen, look at the clock, run back and play!  Then she told her daddy what she needed to do and they went and played!

Okay, the time was near - the heart was almost do the diamond (7:30)...Callie came in, saw the connection of the two stickers and said, "Okay Daddy, time to get ready for bed!"


I decided to head to Walmart, buy a cheapo clock and put Disney stickers all over it :)

Here is my final product - it looks so awesome :)  I used some 3M strips and hung it in Callie's room - high enough for her not to touch and play with it, low enough for her to see it :)

I went to Walmart and bout this clock for $3.97 (wicked cheap if you ask me)...

I figured I could get to the face of the clock somehow, so I started examining it - Low and Behold...there were screws on the back :)  JACKPOT!  I decided to unscrew them and see what happened!

YEAH - the face plate came off - and the glass cover!  Sweet!  I thought I may have to stick the stickers directly on the glass, but now I can stick them ON the clock :)

Being the teacher, I didn't want to cover up the numbers, because I wanted Callie to see that time was related to a certain number and that these numbers meant something.  Josh told me to just cover them up and we can make a different one later where the stickers are "off" the numbers later... OKAY!!  I also painted glitter glue on the minute hand and put a "CROWN" sticker on it!  That way I can say "When the crown gets to "X" you have to do "X"" - she's going to LOVE this!

I'm so glad I did it this way - I think it turned out GREAT!  Just put the glass plate & frame back on & screw together!  This seriously took me 15 minutes to make (the longest part was deciding which stickers to use)!  The BEST part is this clock can be made to fit any theme your child is into and it is SO CHEAP!!!


  1. This is such a cute idea! Great job mommy!!

    1. Thank you :) You should make one for Ava - it works WONDERS! No arguing, just follows directions :)


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