Monday, March 25, 2013

Callie's Spring Stage Show

There comes a time in your life when you realize that there just isn't anything sweeter than seeing your own children accomplish something so incredible!  Today was yet again a moment of complete amazement.  I could not be any more proud of my three year old daughter!  Today she danced on the stage at Knowlton Auditorium in Austin High School. 

 L-R: Ashlyn, Clara, Callie, Ella L., Cameron, Kylen, Aubrey, Ella B.

We dropped Callie off in the gym with her dance class at 3:30, and I headed into the autditorium to wait for her :)  I left a box of fruit snacks with her teacher - wondering how on earth they were going to have 3/4 year olds wait for 30 minutes and then go dance! 

After several dance routines, it was Callie's turn :)  Thankfully Josh gave me my birthday present early - my new camera lense, so I was able to zoom in from afar :)

Like always, Callie loved watching the other shows :)  We even saw Lexi dance - she always does such a wonderful job - and these two girls are SO cute together!

Alexis is dead center - arms up :)

Miss Ashley - you had another WONDERFUL dance performance - these girls were well prepared and did a fantastic job :)  Thank you for helping them look amazing on such a large stage!!!

Also, Thank you Grandma Lynn for coming down to support Callie as she performed on stage :)  She absolutely LOVED having you there to cheer her on!  (and play with her all day long !!)


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