Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Collin & Carter: 10 Month Update

Let's be honest, I have jinxed the boys and their sleeping.  Never again will I post that they are sleeping through the night :-(  This past month (9 months) they have been consistently waking up 1-2 times EVERY night :(  BOO

10 months already though - 10 months!  Do you have any idea what that means?  They are going to be 1 year old soon.  They are going to be drinking whole milk from a sippy cup soon.  They are going to be walking, smashing into their first birthday cakes, and ruling the world!  Okay so maybe that last part was a bit extreme, but it could happen.

Ten Month Update

Food - Their food intake hasn't changed except for the fact that they have been eating more and more "human" food - as I like to call it!  They LOVE crackers and get really excited when you show them the bag :)  It is one day over (their 10 month mark), but we fed them ham & cheese!  I feel very confident about them eating this as they both have 6 teeth (Collin) and 8 teeth (Carter).  We have been watching them chew up their food, and I felt like they were ready!  It helps that I blogged Callie's life, because I was able to look back and see when we started her on solids :)  They loved the cheese and devoured it!   I'm not going to say it, but that night they did something all night long in their cribs...but I don't want to jinx it :)

Sleep - Like I stated above, their sleeping has been minimal.  When one wakes up, the other wakes up - turns out our children are LIGHT sleepers - which sucks.  But lets face it, I wake up when I hear one of them freaking out, so it's bound to happen that they are going to wake up as well :-/  They've been pooping a lot in the middle of the night too, so who would want to sleep with poopy pants?  Not me :) 

Clothes - Both of the boys are still in 9 month clothes.  I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get to 12 month clothes??    They're growing still, so I know it's going to happen soon :-)  I can tell I have gotten really lazy with their clothing.  They still dress 100% alike, but it's a onsie here and a pair of pants that may or may not match there...our outfits have all been separated so that will stink when I have to go through that!

Weight - We had the boys in for their 9 month wellness check up - which was actually about 9.5 months (having to get an appointment for twins with the best pediatrician takes awhile)...and wouldn't you know it, they are ALMOST 20 pounds! Collin was 19.13 pounds (30%) and Carter was 19.10 pounds (26%).   Downfall is that they are about to grow out of their car seats :(  Do you realize what that means?  That means we have to go through the whole car seat ordeal that we went through before they were born - trying to find the right car seats that will fit in our vehicle.



Height - Collin was 27.4 inches long (12.4%) and Carter was 28.4 inches long (42%) - isn't it crazy what 1 inch can do in their percentile?  Honestly, Josh and I think that they were the same size, but Collin's looked a little off as he wasn't 100% against the measuring tool and his leg was a little bent- but that's here say...

Diapers - Both boys are still in size 3 diapers, but in a few more pounds we will be moving to size 4 diapers.  WOW!  I remember when Callie was in size 4 diapers - actually that was her last size before she was potty trained!  We tried Target brand Up & Up, but Collin started breaking out in an extreme diaper rash.  We loaded him up with Desitin, this Monkey Butt cream and even Callie's prescription medicine (for rash), but nothing was taking it away - so I switched back to Pampers...low and behold, Collin's rash went away!  High maintenance boy :-)

Health - Thankfully our boys have been healthy for this past month - well, at least since our hospital stay!  Let's hope we can keep it this way!

Collin checking out Callie's new desk - Carter was still sleeping!

Fun Facts - Collin has been standing up on his own and every now and then will take a small step towards us!  He loves to walk along furniture and is such a little dare devil!  He even walks behind walking toys :-)  Carter walks along furniture, but prefers to be cuddled instead of standing on his own!  He has stood on his own for a couple seconds, but then quickly drops to the ground because he realizes what he is doing :)  Carter has 8 teeth while Collin is still rocking 6; however, Collin is the better eater of the two!

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