Sunday, January 20, 2013

Princess Party

Princess Sofia the First is a new cartoon on Disney Junior!  Callie saw their "movie" that they created back in November, and ever since then she has been Princess Crazed OBSESSED!!  There was going to be a Series Premier on Friday, January 11th in the morning; however, we had to work and wouldn't be around for the morning premiere :(  Bummer.  But we decided to have a Princess Premiere party anyway!

We invited Callie's friends to come over on Friday, January 11 after school dressed in their Princess attire!  I had no idea these little girls would have this much fun!

We talked to Callie A LOT about all of these beautiful princesses coming over, sharing her toys, and allowing her friends to play with her things!  I cannot tell you how proud of her I was!  Sharing is a very difficult thing to do for a toddler, but she was a rock star!  She shared her princess shoes, crowns, necklaces, etc... with anyone who needed it :)

I just love this picture of the girls!  L-R: Aubrey, Callie, Quinn, Natalie, Gracey, Aubrey & Ella (Breeley & Mirenna were there as well, but came after we took this picture).

Here the girls are making their own crowns!  They had a blast with the stickers, and I was so happy their mommies were there to help peel them :)  For the most part, the girls did awesome!

 Everyone hard at work :) Concentrating, sharing and using their Princess manners :)

Quinn modeled her beautiful crown for the camera :)

I can't believe how grown up Aubrey is getting!  I feel like we were just visiting her yesterday in the hospital...and here she is, big girl making her own crown!

After we made our crowns, the girls filled bowls up with Princess treats and headed into the living room to watch Princess Sofia the First :)  This was so fun to watch them all sit around the TV!  They seriously made this "U" shape all on their own!

Yes, even the mommies got into the show :)

After awhile, like any attention span, the girls got restless!  So we headed downstairs to the "play" area!  Some girls stayed upstairs to watch the show, others headed down :)

Some may look at this like complete chaos, but I look at this as complete toddler interaction, sharing, exploring and imaginative play!  It was amazing to watch :)  There was no fighting, crying or hitting!  Such well mannered princesses!

 The large cat was taken out and attacked :)

As well as the large pig :)  The girls had SO MUCH FUN with the large pig :)  They were jumping and climbing all over this pig!

Finally it was time to decorate their Princess Crown cookies!  YUMMY!  They loved the frosting and sprinkles ("Sparklers" as Callie calls them)!!!  The girls could choose between pink or purple frosting :)

Overall, this was a HUGE success!  Not a birthday party, just a typical Princess Party where a girl can be a girl :)  Callie wouldn't stop talking about all her friends that came over to her house to play :)  She had so much fun and wants to do it again...and you know what, they were all so well behaved, I think I can handle doing this again!

A special thank you to Jessica for keeping the boys longer so I could focus on Callie and her friends ;)

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