Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Dancing Princess

Callie ABSOLUTELY LOVES dance class!  She talks about it all the time, she talks about her teacher, Miss Ashley anytime we talk about dance - and wants to know what she is doing all the time and where she lives (I've come up with some pretty creative answers!)

On Sunday, January 13th Callie participated in the Just for Kix, Winter Dance Show!  She looks so beautiful all dressed up in her dance uniform!  She gets to excited for it too :)

When we first arrived, Callie was very worried about Miss Ashley and where she was.  Callie doesn't realize that she is also the dance coach to other age groups :)  We found her and my big girl was ready to sit on her own with her dance friends :)

 L-R: Clara, Ella, Callie, Audrina, Ella, Kylen (there were a few more that showed up after I snapped this picture).

Callie and her best friend, Ella!  These two girls are two peas in a pod :)  They are absolutely adorable together, and seriously both so cute :)  They each have baby brothers too!  It's fun to get together with our kids, because they're all the same age :)  We're lucky to have good friends (Love you Karol & Brady)!!

Lexi is also in dance -and can you believe it...3rd grade!  She was in my kindergarten class when I was pregnant with that is crazy :)  I love these two pictures of the girls!!!

This is during the dance show - we were sitting in the parent section while Callie was with her class :)  BIG GIRL!  If you look under the Teacher's white paper, you can see Callie's head!

The boys waiting to watch their sisters!  Grafton (Ella's brother) and Collin & Carter!


Audrina leading us out :) Audrina, Ella, Callie, Aubrey, Ella, Kylen & Clara

 The whole gang :)  Waving to the audience...about 200-300 people?!  That's insane that little girls this age can do this on their own :)  Man was I proud of Callie!  Yes, I cried!

Here's the dance video:
Pay special attention to Callie at one point when she "looks down" at the baby penguin, but forgets to look back up :)  She was really looking for him!  So cute!!!

Callie sitting with her proud daddy after her performance!

Lexi dancing :)

Father-Daughter dance!  Derrick was such a great sport, and did a great job!

Attempting to get some pictures of Callie with her brothers afterwards!  Haha!


Family photo :)  This is almost impossible to capture with the boys now as their attention span is super quick and they are curious about EVERYTHING :)  I love my family!!  I am so so so proud of Callie!

My beautiful children :)

Callie with her dance teacher, Miss Ashley!!!  We love Miss Ashley!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our daughter :)

Callie was so excited to see Jessica!

YEAH :)  Lisa & Ava came to watch Callie perform :) She was so excited to see them there!!!  What great friends we have (We love you guys so much, thank you for supporting Callie!!!)

Callie and Lexi after the performance :)  Callie received roses from her brothers!!  How sweet!

My little dancer...I'm sorry, but I just think she is the prettiest little thing :)

Brady dancing with Ella & Callie!

The girls with their coach, Miss Ashley!!!

I wanted to attempt some pictures in front of the "Just for Kix" dance sign...this was a little challenging as Callie was super jacked up from her performance!  I don't blame her, she did an amazing job :)

 Haha - she was a wee bit excited about dance here!

 Non stop dancing from this girl!  She's quite the performer!

Callie, we are so incredibly proud of you!  You have been working so hard in dance class and you performed in front of so many people!  You did a great job and we couldn't be more proud of you!  Keep working hard sweetie :)  We love you very much!

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