Monday, January 28, 2013

Garbage Truck City

Callie LOVES her garbage truck, so tonight, I drew up a few houses with a road on a large piece of paper.  Callie colored in each house a different color.  Then she colored in her road.

Next we picked out a few pieces of legos that matched the house colors.  Callie drove her garbage truck around her new city picking up garbage and dropping off the pieces at the right houses.

Before we knew it, every house was labeled with a different Princesses name and all of her princesses were out with their garbage!  This fun little project that we made turned into an all evening play mat full of wonderful imaginative play and creativity!  The Princesses were visiting each other's homes, the garbage truck (driven by Aladdin) was making plenty of stops!  We even matched all of their dresses to the right house!  What a fun night :)

And if you are wondering about Callie's outfit choice...every day when she gets home from daycare, she strips down so she can put on a different dress up outfit!  Since Ariel wears her bikini top and her tail (and Callie doesn't have a bikini top - only one pieces as of right now)...she wears her swim suit with her mermaid tail!  Yup - miss creative!

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