Thursday, January 31, 2013

Collin & Carter get their FIRST haircut!

My boys are about 8.5 months old, and yes, their hair is getting long.  Collin has these random long blond pieces on the top of his head, and he has little wispies hanging over his ears.  Carter has this long tuft of hair on the top of his head and it hangs down making him look like he's an 80 year old man!
We decided it was time to have their first hair cuts :)

We waited until Callie was well past 2.5 years old...but she's a girl!  These guys don't need long hair!  Nice short, boy hair is perfect!  They look absolutely adorable (I may be a little biased)...

Collin was first up :)  He did not like having his hair squirted with water, but he took it like a champ :)

He sat like such a big boy the whole time!  He watched Holly as she cut his little baby hairs.  He played with her scarf and flirted :)

Collin's first little snips of sweet, small and precious!

For the life of me, I cannot get these pictures to upload the correct way - I've tried it all, but they are too cute not to post :)

Collin with Holly!  He was so happy and he looks like such a big boy now :)  No more straggly little hairs!

Carter was up next!  He was so bouncy and happy!  He's our little "Happy Hopper"...just keeps moving and grooving!  Daddy was taking pictures (and no offense to dad) so there aren't as many zoomed in photos!

Going after that tuft of hair - time for removal :)

I love his expressions in these photos!  I wonder what he's thinking here :)

He loved playing and eating Holly's comb!  He only threw one on the floor too, which I thought wasn't too bad :)

What a little flirt!  He was hamming it up for us - he loves Holly!  He looks just like his daddy now...spitting image :)  Sure is a cutie!

Holly helping Carter walk to his car seat :)

Holly did an amazing job with Collin & Carter's first hair cuts!  The boys were both so well behaved!  No tears, fits or spit ups :)  I can't believe my baby boys are old enough to have their hair cuts already!

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