Saturday, February 2, 2013

Walt Disney World Day 1

Well, after many days of waiting, the day finally arrived where Josh and I were able to take Callie to Walt Disney World for some SERIOUS Mommy/Daddy time.

Our day today began at 3:30 AM - yes we are all up and heading to the airport.  Thank you Dad for driving us there so early!  Check in went very smoothly as did security.  I learned right away that we travel with A LOT of stuff, but that's to be expected with a toddler, right!?

We boarded our plane and were ready to finally head to Disney!  Then the plane stopped and they had to "de-ice" our plane before take-off.  Yes this put our plane behind schedule and we had a connecting flight with a 30 min. in between gap...NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Callie was seriously a ROCK STAR on the plane.  I gave her tootsie rolls to chew on during take off and landing because they were sticky enough that she really need to "chew" them.  That worked like a charm.  I also had gifts for her on the airplane.  Her first gift was a cute Princess tin full of lots of little treats!  A mini princess magna-doodle, a notepad, fun pen, crayons, snacks, lipgloss and tattoos!  This gift occupied her the first 2 hour flight :)
Thankfully several individuals on our flight were heading to Orlando, so they actually held our plane.

We were a sight for the eyes, I'm sure!  Josh was pulling two smaller sized suit cases, his backpack full of our electronic devices.  I had my huge 31 bag full of everything, my purse, Callie's backpack and I was pushing Callie in her stroller - which she was holding her blankie and Minnie.  I wish someone would have gotten a picture of us running (literally Home Alone style) to our connecting flight.  Everyone was on board when we arrived, and I admitted it was because of our flight they had to wait :)

2nd flight was PERFECT.  Coming from me who does not like to fly - this was an amazing flight!  We grabbed our bags and headed to the Magic Express Transportation - the bus :)  I already had our tickets for this as well, because I pre-ordered them (turns out, pre-order ANYTHING that you can - it's so much more helpful!  And then have it all organized so you can access anything at any given time!).

My bag was going to be delivered to our resort, so we didn't worry about that bag :)  Callie, having been up since 3:30 (time was currently 12:45) decided it was time to FINALLY fall asleep!  She slept for a good 45 min-1 hour.  I checked us into our hotel, and Callie got her very first "First Visit" button from Disney World!

Everything was ready to go.  We got our room key, they were going to deliver our luggage and our groceries, which I preordered, were going to be delivered soon!  AWESOME!

We checked out the resort (BEAUTIFUL) while heading to our room.  It is a hike, but it's so beautiful outside that it doesn't matter - anyone that complained on the website about the distance needs to shut the heck up - it's beautiful out!

We ate a late lunch in their cafeteria because we were STARVING!  I pretty much inhaled my cheeseburger-NO JOKE - inhaled it :-)  We then talked it over and decided to head to Hollywood Studios for the afternoon.

Here are a couple pictures I took from our resort - this is where we are staying!  The Art of Animation has four themes: Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King & Little Mermaid :)  We're staying in the Little Mermaid!

We loaded the bus at 4:00 - without her stroller and without her autograph book.  We decided we weren't going to stay long in Hollywood Studios, so we'd go without her stroller.  And I completely forgot her book - which sucks, because I preordered it so I could guarantee that she'd have one!  Great work mom!

When we arrived at Hollywood Studios, Callie was beside herself excited.  She literally had both of her hands plastered up against the bus window starring outside and talking all sorts of Disney Giberish (I think Disney has it's own language with children!). 

EVERYTHING we saw, she was in awe of!  Don't forget she didn't have much sleep - if any that day so far, so we knew she was ready to crash!  We immediately said, "Last park we go to without the stroller" - Lesson # 2 of the day (# 1 being remembering the autograph book!).  She was awesome and so well behaved for being almost 3 and no sleep!  But she wanted to be carried...which sucks for sleep deprived, trying to have fun parents! 

We decided to do Hollywood Studios first, because this park had the least amount of stuff for Callie to do (her age).  So we headed back to the area where The Little Mermaid show was.  As we were walking in there, I spotted Jake from the Neverland Pirates!  Callie was SO excited!  She got his autograph and picture...her FIRST Disney Character :)  While this was going on, I recognized another favorite (Jessica, wait for it...) Handy Manny!!!!  Callie was pumped!  Josh and I knew right away that this already made her day perfection!  One big downfall was that their "Disney Junior Live" show was "down" and wouldn't be up again until mid February - my guess...they're adding Doc McStuffins.  If that's the case - they better send me a free pass to bring her :)

She LOVED The Little Mermaid show, and we barely had to wait in line (we were first in line actually).  I will admit, I got a little choked up during the show.  I was watching Callie experience one of her favorite Disney characters live - onstage!  I was watching the show imagining what she must be feeling inside...SO MAGICAL~!!!~  I then looked over at her dad - he was being a typical tired dad...he was sleeping during this dark show :)  Haha!

While we were waiting in line for The Little Mermaid, we discovered a couple character showings in the building next door, so we headed over there.   Incredible & his side kick, Reck it Ralph and the little girl & Fantasia Mickey were there :)  Callie was SUPER excited to see Mickey :)  She got his autograph and a picture - so awesome :)


We walked around the park for a little bit longer, but we were in such a daze.  We knew it was time to head out, so we headed towards our bus.  Callie REALLY wanted some Minnie ears, so we let her pick out her favorite pair - SO CUTE!  She was then calling me Daisy, daddy Mickey & she was Minnie :)

When we got back on the bus to head back to our resort, it was only 6:00 - Yup, we were there for 2 hours, and it felt like 6.  Talk about exhausted!  Thankfully our luggage was delivered & Ariel had left Callie a couple little gifts!  She left her a Princess bath kit (princess shampoo, princess soap, princess lip gloss & a hair brush!).  When Callie got out of her tub, Ariel left her brand new Minnie Mouse pajamas :)  How thoughtful of her!

Our groceries were delivered to our room (we ordered them online from - super slick); although, we ordered peanut butter & jelly so we could make sandwiches for lunch - well, they forgot the bread!  GREAT!  There goes that genius idea!  So I called them and they are going to deliver a new loaf tomorrow - removing the charge and my last delivery charge...that's helpful.

As I sit here typing away our memories from our first day in Disney, I have Callie sleeping next to me, Daddy sleeping in the other bed (he may or may not have gotten sick tonight :-(  so we are letting him sleep in his own bed tonight) and I'm texting my mother in law, Lynn about my boy's day, I cannot help but think HOW WONDERFUL life really is!  I can't believe I am able to bring this much joy into someone's life!  Even if she hates me when she's 16 because I won't let her leave the house wearing a certain outfit...that's okay, because as of right now, I'm her best friend :)

Time to head to bed so I can prepare for another wonderfully, fun-filled, magical day tomorrow :)

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