Sunday, February 3, 2013

Walt Disney World Day 2

Hello from the magical Walt Disney World!  Day two has officially started...and ended!  It was completely successful, magical and above all else - almost perfection!  Yes, almost :)  We had a few speed bumps along the way, but nothing that could possibly take away from our memories :)
Josh was in the shower and I was brushing my teeth when I felt a little head rest on my side :)  Princess Callie had woken up!  She was so excited to begin her day that she immediately put on her Minnie Mouse ears!  She quickly noticed a new present that Ariel had left her - it was by her Princess shoes, purse and crown...I wonder what it could possibly be?!
 Oh yes, a new Princess dress and light up wand of course!  How did Ariel know that Callie needed a new dress!  We told Callie that this morning, she was going to have breakfast with her favorite Disney Princesses!  She was so excited and absolutely beside herself with joy. 

We headed to Epcot at 8:00 AM.  The park didn't open until 9:00, so we had to figure out a way to either get RIGHT to breakfast or get in early!   This nice gentleman below saw Callie and assumed she was having breakfast!  He brought us to a "special" entrance and gave Callie a new Princess Cinderella pin :)  She was so happy!  I love her look here - it was chilly this morning, so we convinced her to wear her sweatshirt!  It was also sunny, so she was rocking her sun glasses!  For the longest time, she wouldn't put her sweatshirt on at all - she didn't want to cover up her dress!  Thankfully we were able to convince her to wear her tennis shoes instead of her Princess shoes!

See, everyone is waiting at the gates still and we have free roam of the park - talk about awesome!  We decided we wanted to be really rich so we could go in early all the time!  It was nice to walk around, get to know the park and figure out where we were going without bumping into everyone.

We had breakfast with the Disney Princesses in "Norway" at Akershush Royal Banquet Hall.  Callie was greeted by Belle - She ran right up to her and gave her the BIGGEST hug!  I immediately filled up with tears!  What a magical moment :)  Callie was looking at her in absolute AWE.  Belle talked to Callie, welcomed her to breakfast and invited her in for a picture!

When Belle asked for her name, she told her "Cinderella" - hahahaha!  What a character she is :)  In Disney they have these "Photo Passes" where photographers take pictures and scan your card - then you can buy a disc with all the pictures on it :)  The picture they took of Callie and Belle was actually printed off and given to us as an 8X10.  It was part of the package deal!  The picture was absolutely perfect - a real treasure :)

Callie with Snow White!  We told Callie that the Princesses come around to our tables when they see that we are eating breakfast!  She ate some food - not a crazy amount, but enough!  She loves Snow White!  Personally, I thought she was a little stuck up for my taste - but that could be that she's a beautiful, skinny Princess in Disney World...I may be a little jealous!

Princess Aurora - she's my favorite :)  Callie loved her too!  I think she would stay there all day if we would have let her!  Princess Aurora and Callie were dancing!  The Princesses gather all of the little Princesses in the banquet hall to parade around together.  I was surprised that Callie went with her little group and waved to people!  I followed, but didn't let her see me!  She did so good :) :)

ARIEL!  How special!  She was clapping, smiling and shouting with complete joy - "There's Ariel, there's Ariel!"  I just don't understand how a mother could possibly keep tears back.  I mean, Callie just had the breakfast of a lifetime - she was in complete heaven and seeing these princesses made her day complete!  If she only knew what we had in store for her tomorrow (day 3)...

When we left our breakfast, Callie began asking us when we were going to see Cinderella - well, bad news kid, Cinderella is not in Epcot!  We distracted her by telling her we were going to go find some more friends and go on a ride :)  She was completely okay with that!  We were on our way to the Finding Nemo ride, when we discovered a "Character Spot" - actually, my friend Lynne told me about this place - Mickey, Pluto & Minnie were all lined up and ready for autographs and photos!  We were telling Callie who she was going to see, but in the middle of telling her this, she spotted Minnie!  Picture this - a pretty large room - longer than wide, full of people and the three characters I listed.  There we are, standing at the top of the stairs looking down, and Callie begins to yell, "IT'S MINNIE IT'S PLUTO - WE FOUND THEM, WE FOUND MINNIE!  HI MINNIE, WE FOUND YOU!"  Oh my goodness, it was the most precious moment!  I wasn't recording her reaction, because I wasn't expecting it to be like that!  It caused other families to turn around and smile!  You know it's  precious moment when other moms touch their hearts :) :)

Mickey was excited to see a real princess in his presence!  He stood like a gentleman!

She was so excited to see Pluto!  She ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug, then they started dancing!  He is such a silly dog!

 When we were in line to see Minnie Mouse, we pulled out her Minnie ears so she could look like Minnie!  Oh she LOVED them!  Callie is all talk when she's in line - talking up a storm, asking questions about the characters, but when it's time to see them - she goes to them no problem, but is more quiet!  That's okay - I'm just glad she goes to them :)

Thanks to our Go Magic App on our iPhones, we were able to find Daisy Duck really fast!  This was awesome - Callie was so jacked up from seeing Minnie that she went right to Daisy and couldn't stop jumping up and down of excitement!  This picture is absolutely adorable!  I did video tape Callie & Daisy doing the Hot Dog dance together :)

We saw Goofy next!  By this point, Callie was hungry and a little tired, so we all took a picture with Goofy together!  I remember when I was back in college, I was at Animal Kingdom with my mom and dad - I remember Goofy proposing to me!  He must have forgotten, because he certainly didn't remember me! 

We decided it was time to try a ride.  According to our app, the Finding Nemo ride was only a 10 minute wait - SWEET!  It turns out, the 10 minute wait was really a 10 minute walk through their "lines" that were not long at all.  By the time we got to the front, it was time to get on the ride.  Callie loved it - she actually cried when it was time to get off - she wanted to go again.  We convinced her to go see a couple more characters and then we'd come back on it again. 

We discovered Princess Jasmine & Aladdin were going to be out, so we wanted to catch them.  Their hours were limited, so we figured we'd try to catch them quickly - even if we had to wait for them.  While walking, we recognized one of Callie's friends, Princess Belle - and NO LINE!  So of course we had to stop and visit with her!  Callie even asked her why she wasn't in her yellow dress anymore!  Belle told us that she wanted to go to the library to read some books!  Makes sense :)

We found the location where Princess Jasmine and Aladdin were going to be, but they weren't out yet, so we waited in line - 2nd in line!  AWESOME!  Let me tell you, seeing families with babies really makes me miss Collin & Carter.  They are going to have so much fun when we take them to Disney World when they are a little older!  Callie even said she missed them :)
I don't think Callie was expecting Jasmine to be in the clothes she was - I think she was expecting the traditional green flowy pants and tiny top showing off her perfect princess body - but nope, she was dressed like it was 15 degrees outside - and I know what 15 degrees feels like, and it did not feel like that outside!
Callie wanted to know where the Magic Carpet was, but she got side tracked when Aladdin mentioned "Monkey Abu" - Callie was looking all over for him :)
We next headed to Mexico go see Donald Duck - I love this picture of Callie in her sombrero - she looks so silly in this over sized hat :)
Callie was super excited to see Donald Duck!  She wasn't quite sure why he was wearing a sombrero, but nonetheless, she was excited to see him :)  We had to call Grampa right away after to tell him that we saw Donald!  He was sure excited for Callie :)  Donald Duck is his favorite :)

We saw Chip & Dale early, but didn't stop.  But on our way back to the Finding Nemo experience (we promised Callie we'd go again), we noticed just how short their lines were...we asked Callie if she wanted to meet them, and sure enough, she was ecstatic!  They aren't as crazy as they used to be.  They just stood there and took pictures.  I remember them being really silly and playing tricks on people.

Here's Callie in front of the Finding Nemo statues they have!  You'd think Disney would be able to create Finding Nemo characters...I mean come on!  We went on this ride for a second time, and can you believe it, our wait time was even SHORTER!  CRAZY!

Finally, it was time to head back to our hotel and eat some lunch.  Besides, our bread was going to be there that was forgotten during our delivery yesterday - the lady said they would deliver this morning!  Callie was pretty tired and ready to go back.  Here's hoping she falls asleep!  On our way out, we HAD to take our picture in front of the Epcot 'ball'.
On our way back to the hotel, Josh and I figured out our schedule for the rest of the day - it was 1:45 now, and we had a reservation at the Bippity Boppity Boutique at 4:30 PM in Downtown Disney - meaning we'd have to leave by 3:30...okay got it!  Let's go swimming then since Callie isn't going to nap and she really wants to! 
The Finding Nemo pool in our resort kicks major butt!  Callie had a blast in the splash pad!  I love her modeling pose here - it's like a Miss America Swimsuit pose :)
Downtown Disney was pretty neat!  There weren't a ton of things for Callie, but they had a few!  One of them was the Bippity Boppity Boutique!  On our way in, Callie saw Cinderella - and even though it was just a statue, she was so excited :)

 She was even excited to see Sleeping Beauty!  She was very tired by the time this picture was taken, but what a trooper she is...
So, waiting and being patient is something everyone aspires to be good at!  We checked in for Callie's appointment early, like they said and waited...  We decided to walk around the store and look at things.  Callie was side tracked by the Disney songs that were playing on the screen.  Thankfully this kept her attention for quite some time. 
Josh and I saw these two kids that were surrounded by a ton of toys on the floor near them.  I'm talking TONS of toys - and if you know Disney toys - they are expensive, so there had to have been thousands of dollars next to these spoiled brats kids.  The little brother was hitting his sister the way you would see it on a movie.  Josh and I seriously stood there watching.  Actually, everyone was.  The mom was on her own trying to get him to stop - whatever dude, I'm on vacation, and this isn't my kid!  We walked away - still in awe over all the toys.  Later we saw this mom checking out - I wanted to hear her total, but I couldn't...bummer!  But we did capture this picture!
Baskets on the floor, stuff in piles all over the counter - it was CRAZY!

Anyway, our buzzer finally went off and we headed over to the Boutique!  They led us inside and told us to be seated.  I figured we'd be grabbed by one of Cinderella's Fairy Godmothers to do her hair, makeup and nails, but I was completely mistaken (bump in the road).  We sat there and waited for another half hour.  What does this do to an almost 3 year old?  Let's see - LONG day, no nap, walking, swimming, tons of excitement, not a good lunch, and having waited for an hour and half for this - well, we were on the verge of a breakdown.  Josh and I asked Callie if she wanted to do this and this was her ONLY opportunity to have this done.  She didn't want to, and because we have the mindset that this trip is FOR Callie - we didn't want to push her to do something she didn't want to do.  Josh did check to make sure that we wouldn't be charged for this - and we weren't!  Thank goodness!  So no Bippity Boppity Boutique for Callie, but that's okay - Maybe in 5 years when we come back!

We ate dinner at this cute little restaurant, and Callie ordered spaghetti - okay dude, as long as you eat it - which she did!  I thought she was about to fall asleep, so she laid on my lap in the booth - she ended up watching Disney Junior for awhile before we left!

We spotted Daisy & Donald Duck statues and Callie and daddy posed - this is one of my favorite pictures from today :)

The way to finish off a fun filled day is to ride a Carousel with your Handsome Prince - perfect for any Princess!  I had taken a few back shots like this and they were really cute, so I told Josh to grab her hand - this is how he held it - brings tears of joy to my precious!  Callie sure is lucky to have such an amazing Daddy!!!

We loaded our bus and headed back to our resort - thankfully our bread had arrived!  Oh wait, I forgot to mention the story about our bread...oh boy, here's the bump in our road!
Like I mentioned earlier and in yesterday's post, Garden Grocer was going to have our bread delivered this morning - well, technically, this already caused chaos in our schedule - you see, we were going to bring PB&J sandwiches to Epcot to eat for lunch...but now we had to head back for them.  Whatever, we can be flexible - we'll head back.  When we came back from Epcot, our bread had not arrived yet and it was not delivered...Okay, now I was pissed.  I called Garden Grocer - AGAIN - and after chewing out the lady on the phone, but apologizing for taking my anger out on her, I spoke to a manager.  The problem wasn't so much that I didn't have my bread - okay yes, this is a problem when you want to make PB&J sandwiches...but the problem was now that I needed to feed my family and was going to have to pay $35-40 on a lunch we shouldn't have ever needed to pay for. 
Long story short - they refunded me for the bread, gratuity and a whopping $25.00, but I was still going to be out more than that considering it was so much to feed my family.  I asked the lady if she had kids of her own and how she would react - then she chuckled about the whole thing and I immediately came back with, "Ma'am that was not professional AT ALL" - I think I caught her off guard a little.  Then I told her that she isn't trying to understand, because she lives here, she doesn't need to travel with her family to Disney and make plans like this...then we were off the phone.
We ate bananas, yogurt, cheese and chips for lunch - parents of the year, right!
Hopefully tomorrow is smooth sailing!  Big breakfast again tomorrow - Chef Mickey!  Here's hoping we wake up in time, especially considering their Wifi is so slow and it's taken me forever to update this blog with photos :)

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