Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walt Disney World Day 3

Where do I even begin to explain the excitement from today?  I thought yesterday was emotional - nobody prepared me for the amount of emotions I would experience in Magic Kingdom!  WOW!

We began our morning VERY early - 5:45 AM to be exact!  We had to leave our resort no later than 6:45 AM and head to Disney's Contemporary Resort for our Character Breakfast: Chef Mickey!  We dined with five characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck & Pluto!  Absolutely worth every penny!  Callie pretty much devoured their fruit buffet - especially the strawberries!  They had super cute little Mickey Mouse waffles as well - she LOVED those.  While we were eating, she spotted Mickey Mouse first and boy was she excited!  Goofy and Mickey came around the corner at the same time and quickly joined our table :)

All five characters signed her autograph book, played and danced with her.  She was lit up with extreme joy the entire morning.  At one point, she looked at us and said, 'When you see Cluto (Pluto), say Cluto.  If you see Cluto and you don't say Cluto then we're going home".  WHAT!?  We have never said anything like this to her before, which made this hysterical! 

Towards the end of our meal, we told Callie that we had a surprise for her!  She closed her eyes and we set a Mickey Mouse on the table in front of her - she was so excited!  And so surprised!  Grandma Lynn picked this up for us (wanted to buy Mickey in MN vs. Disney - WAY cheaper!  Thank you for giving this to Callie!)  Even the table next to us commented on her facial expression!

After our breakfast, we jumped on the monorail to head to Magic Kingdom!  Callie was so excited to see Cinderella's castle!  Her eyes were HUGE the entire morning :)  Right away when we arrived at the park, Daddy took Callie on his shoulders to Mickey Mouse's welcoming!  It was so awesome.  We took the advice we read on some blogs about staying to the "left" when entering the parks - Yes, this advice was true...we went to the left and the lines were MUCH shorter!

Right off the bat, there were so many more Disney fanatics in Magic Kingdom than Hollywood Studios and Epcot combined.  WOW!  We started walking and decided to "start" the Princess Tiana line :)  By the time she came out, Callie was so jacked up to meet her that they sat and talked for a good five minutes.  At one point, Callie said, "I have two Grandma's"!!!  Tiana asked her if her Grandma's make "Gumbo" and Callie said no...looks like she'll be requesting Gumbo soon!

We decided to venture over to the new Fantasyland, but stopped to watch a Mickey Mouse & Friends show in front of the castle!  Callie's expressions, the look of wonder in her eyes, the pure joy and excitement - it was priceless!  The followed along with the story, she chanted when Mickey said to chant certain things, and she clapped along!  Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty made their appreanance and Callie was ecstatic!

Into Fantasyland we go - oh wait, another stop :)  Flying Dumbo (oops, forgot the dremamine today - hope mom and dad's tummies can handle the spinning rides)...The wait time was literally two rides in front of us.  Not bad at all!  Callie LOVED flying really high in Dumbo!  So much that we got a "fast pass" and went on it again!  The Fast Pass is simply a location where you swipe your entrance into the park ticket, and it spits out another ticket with a time on it to return to that ride.  They give you an hour window.  That was nice!  We didn't really need it for the Flying Dumbo ride, because the lines weren't too long, but we were still on the ride before everyone else!

We visited Minnie Mouse and Daisy again - they were dressed so pretty!  We noticed Callie was starting to get tired already - which makes sense, considering her morning of overload :)

FINALLY we made our way over to adventurland!  There we were able to see so much - it is Disney's newest park that was just opened and it is incredible!  It is located near "It's a Small World" and the back of Cinderella's castle if you haven't been there before.  Callie rode the Royal Carousel a couple times - it was four horses wide - so this was one big Carousel.  Of course, she loved it!  While Callie and I were riding the Carousel, daddy was getting Fast Pass tickets for The Little Mermaid ride!  While waiting to figure out where we were headed next (dad was using the Disney iPhone app again for us - WAY easier and lists wait times).  When we got off we went on a ride - more a movie called, "Disney's Philamagic" - it is a 3D showing of Disney songs!  We weren't sure how Callie would react, considering this was her first 3D show.  Of course...I cried!  At the point when Donald Duck was being sucked into the funnel, Callie was standing on her dad's lap (we were on the end, so it was okay) and she reached her little hand out and tried to catch him and pull him back!  She was leaning forward and trying so hard!  It was the most precious thing I have ever seen!  She would do this throughout the rest of the show too!  She tried to catch objects, reach for things and save characters!  Her favorite part was when Aladdin and Jasmine were flying on the magic carpet ride!

On our way over towards The Little Mermaid show, Callie and I saw Cinderella's evil step sisters and her step mother!  We ventured over and had her picture taken with them.  She wasn't too sure about them at first, but warmed up rather quickly!  Then she was showing them her Cinderella shirt and her pretty skirt she was wearing.  So fun! 

The Little Mermaid adventure was absolutely amazing!  Callie was sitting awe struck again!  This time, the Fast Pass really was helpful!  The wait time was 50 minutes, but we were able to bypass everyone and head straight to the front of the line!  THANK GOODNESS!  Why you would wait in line is beyond me!

We tried to see if the restaurant "Be Our Guest" had any openings, but they didn't.  We decided we would try tomorrow - and wait in line because how awesome would it be to eat in Beauty & the Beasts Castle!  Looking next door was Belle's Enchanted Tales - there was a 50 minute wait, but it didn't look that long, so we tried it out.  I started the timer on my phone and it literally said 25 minutes by the time we got in - which I started 5 minutes late - so a 30 minute wait.  This was our LONGEST wait of our vacation so far!  We heard Callie would love this from a family (actually while we were waiting in line to see Gaston - which Callie wanted nothing to do with, because Belle loves the Beast, not Gaston!)

We entered into Belle's home - her real home where she grew up!  Amazing!  It turned out to be an interactive show - SCORE!  We walked into a room that was changed over into Belle's room in the castle - and the Chest of Drawers was in there talking to us :)

The worker was pulling out random items and having everyone "act out" certain parts.  One of the things was to jump up and down...Callie must have done really well, because she was invited to be Chip - and boy was she excited!  I was the Chest of Drawers - must have been the set of pipes in me when they told all of us to opera sing!  Daddy was going to be the Beast, but someone needed to video tape this :)  Maybe the next day when we return!

We entered into another room and Lumiere was in there!  He told us if we are really quiet, he would call in Belle and hopefully she would hear!   When she entered we all yelled "Surprise!"  Callie was most excited because it was really Belle!  We acted out the story with Belle and Callie was a PERFECT chip!  She hopped around the room, and did what she was told as far as participation :)  At the end, Callie had her picture taken with Belle and she was given a bookmark!  We are going to try again tomorrow, because Daddy would make a GREAT Beast!

We picked up some ice cream treats and started making our way towards the front of the park to finally meet Cinderella!  We walked through the castle too, but I think Callie was disappointed that we couldn't see more than what we did.  The wait time to meet Cinderella was only 15 minutes - PERFECT!  We walked in, started to head into meet Cinderella, and I looked at Callie - and out we went - she had fallen asleep on her daddy!

Thankfully there were some nice rocking chairs on the porch of the building we were in, we sat down on these and let her sleep for a good hour.  She hadn't gone to the bathroom in awhile , so we were nervous that she would pee on daddy - here's hoping she didn't (which she didn't).  Funny story though - later in the day, we walked passed them again and a gentleman we talked with earlier had his daughter sleeping on him - and yep, she peed on him...SO FUNNY!!!

She woke up right before the parade started, so she was able to see the parade!  She was so excited to  see everyone and would wave to all the characters!  When we finished with the parade we headed into meet the princesses!  It was a 40 minute wait, but I picked up Fast Passes while Callie was napping, so our wait was 10 minutes.  Callie was excited to meet Rapunzel and Princess Aurora, but as soon as we FINALLY were able to meet Cinderella, our tired, worn out little girl decided she was scared and wanted nothing to do with Cinderella :(  It was a little sad, considering how excited Callie had been to meet her, but we figured we had already decided to come back to Magic Kingdom on our last day (instead of going to Animal Kingdom), so we would meet her then!

She was a little feisty and cranky, so we needed to side track her mind and do something fun.  We headed towards Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride.  We first climbed the Swiss Family Robinson's tree home, which she thought was pretty neat, and then we waited in a short line for Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride (a lot like the Dumbo ride - only carpet).  SHE LOVED IT!  We are learning that she LOVES Aladdin and Jasmine - and pretty much anything to do with them :)

Daddy took Callie to run around in an open area for a little bit and play while I waited in line to see Jasmine and Aladdin!  Upon their return, the Grandma in front of us was with her granddaughter - clearly there was no discipline with this child...besides it being in the afternoon and all children are tired at this point - this girl was OBNOXIOUS!  I tried very hard to be patient and even helped keep her occupied...I figured if she's sitting down being good like my daughter, then she's not annoying me!  I gave Callie a coloring packet - which she was so excited about, and the little girl sat and colored with Callie.  Josh and I were most impressed, because of Callie's attitude right now, how tired she was, worn down, etc...and she STILL shared.  She told the girl that she had to use a certain color, but you know what, she shared!  I liked her idea of "you can color with me, but you have to play by my rules!"  Smart girl!

She was so excited to talk to Aladdin and Jasmine - but the moment we were finished we had a full out melt down - she wanted a Jasmine Dress...now let me tell you this - that "Dress" was $64.95 in the park - I don't think so!  I can buy her 3 dresses for that price from Target!  We sat her down, let her cry out her frustrations and talked to her.  Then we distracted her and went to do something else!  Again, we were able to manage her tiredness - not sure how much more we can, but we are going to push through and stay until the end!

We went back into Fantasyland and rode the Carousel one more time, and then rode "It's a Small World" - this was kind of emotional, because we were telling Callie that both her daddy and I rode on this with our families when we were little, and now we are taking our daughter on this ride!  And some day - Callie is going to take her child on this ride!  And guess what - nothing has changed...it all looks the same still!

After the ride, we bundled up in our warm clothes and went to watch their "electrical night parade" - it was awesome and Callie loved it.  We got there late, so we didn't have a nice seat, but we decided to stay near the castle - and actually, our seats were perfect!  As the floats and characters turned down another street, we had a clear view of everything - it was great!

We talked with a couple employees about getting the "best seats" for the fireworks, and we sat down and waited.  Daddy went to get some hot dogs, I gave Callie some more coloring packets (they were a dollar at the Target Dollar Section) and then we started watching another show!  It was a light show on the castle - and there were different pictures from different shows on it - it was an animated show - very cool!!!!!!

Next up - the fireworks!  Tinkerbell flew through the sky and Callie loved it - it was so spectacular to see the fireworks behind the castle!  She was sitting on her daddy's shoulders and I personally think we had one of the BEST SEATS in the park!  Great views!!!

Today was such a magical day and Callie really was a trooper!  We are going to head back to Magic Kingdom tomorrow to fit in everything we didn't have time for, and double up on some of our favorites!

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