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McRae Family Christmas Card 2012 (in case you didn't make the cut this year...)

Let's face it, Josh and I know a lot of people!  We have been apart of many groups, gotten to know many people, developed great friendships, and could EASILY send out a Christmas card to HUNDREDS of families and friends!  I am truly sorry if you did not receive our Christmas card this year!  I've had these sitting on my counter since Thanksgiving, but finally got them out this week :)

If you did not receive a card this year, here is what you're missing out on - so really, now you're not missing anything!  If you're like me and keep your cards every year (yes I punch a hole in all of them and put them on a ring...they're hanging up in our living room now from 2010-present!) print this and enjoy :)

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!  

Our Christmas Card was made using Shutterfly.com (my personal favorite customized photo gift site)
The McRae Christmas Quiz
It’s that time of the year again-time for the 3nd annual McRae Christmas Quiz.  We have had a very busy year and I actually contemplated not sending out our quiz…hopefully it’s worthwhile!
1.      Callie has shared several obsessions this year!  Starting with Elmo and his friends, quickly moving into Doc McStuffins…who is she currently (December 2012) obsessed with?!?
a.      Princess Sofia the First
b.      Cinderella
c.       Doc McStuffins
d.      Finding Nemo
2.      An obvious question is about the birth of our boys, Collin & Carter!  What were their birth times on May 20th, 2012?
a.      Collin: 11:32 PM  Carter: 11:46 PM
b.      Collin: 11:00 PM  Carter: 11:30 PM
c.       Collin: 11:28 PM  Carter: 11:53 PM
d.      Collin: 11:35 PM  Carter: 11:48 PM
3.      What was Callie’s reaction to her new brothers for the first month?
a.      She did not like them and wanted them sent back!
b.      She looked off into space and avoided talking about them.
c.       She loved everything about them and smothered them with kisses.
d.      She ignored them.
4.      We are now members of Our Saviors Lutheran Church!  To get ourselves involved, what has Cori volunteered to do once a month?
a.      Teach a Preschool Sunday School class
b.      Usher
c.       Communion
d.      Read Scripture
5.      Josh did what for the first time this summer?
a.      Hit a homerun
b.      Ran a half marathon
c.       Went Skydiving
d.      Went fishing with Denzer
6.      Cori teaches a Community Ed Class about what (and has recently been contacted by other school districts to teach in their communities!)?
a.      Pottery
b.      Facebook
c.       Shutterfly
d.      Pinterest
7.      At their 6 month appointment (their most recent), Collin & Carter were the exact same in everything EXCEPT one area…what was that one area (hint, it was only a difference in 1)
a.      Weight (difference of 1 ounce)
b.      Head Circumference (difference of 1 cm)
c.       Height (difference of 1 inch)
d.      Teeth (difference of having one more)
8.      How do Cori & Josh decide who gets up in the middle of the night with the boys?
a.      This isn’t an issue; they both sleep through the night.
b.      They wait until Callie comes in and says, “My brothers are crying again”
c.       Whoever pretends to be sleeping the longest doesn’t have to get up
d.      They each take one of the boys each night and rotate nights
9.      Which of the following is not a quote that Callie has said?
a.      “Don’t flush me to Jesus” – referring to her fish being flushed
b.      “Where’s his butt?” – referring to a deer head
c.       “Stop Kissing, it’s gross” – referring to Josh and I kissing
d.      “Amen” – referring to ‘the end’ of her stories
10.  Josh and Cori both would both like this for Christmas…
a.      Money for their upcoming trip to Disney with Callie.
b.      SLEEP!
c.       A weekend getaway – just the two of us!!
d.      All of the above!
We hope that you have a very safe, happy and blessed holiday season!  Our family has been doubly blessed this year, and we are so thankful for the love and support we have received.  Having multiples is far beyond anything we ever imagined it would be.  To our friends that have multiples and to the MOM’s Group (Mother’s of Multiples) – THANK YOU!  You’ve helped in so many ways!
Seeing Callie grow up into the smart, beautiful young little lady that she is, and seeing how quickly Collin & Carter are developing their own personalities, makes us so thankful for all the time we have together.  Our home may be messy and full of baby & toddler toys & equipment, but our hearts are over flowing with love!
Celebrate our Savior’s Birth and have a very Merry Christmas!
1. B;  2. D;  3. B;  4. A;  5. A;  6. C;  7. B;  8. D;  9. C;  10. D
With lots of love,
Josh, Cori, Callie, Collin & Carter McRae  XOXOXOXO

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