Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Callie's FIRST Hair Cut!

Josh and I knew the day would eventually come when Callie would need her first hair cut!  What that day was going to look like was far beyond me :)  But it came full force right at me...Monday, December 3, 2012...

I remember the day I made the appointment and the receptionist at The Style Lounge in Austin asked for my daughter's name!  "Callie McRae, that's C-A-L-L-I-E"  I said with a very shaky voice!

Getting her there was difficult.  She didn't want to go, she didn't want her hair cut, and she was just mad.  We thought this was going to be a heated battle and the end of her world as we knew it!  But, knowing Callie's latest obsession with Princess's and Princess Cinderella, her Daddy said that she could have new "Princess" hair :)  


Here is Holly!  Holly will forever be remembered as the amazing stylist who gave our daughter her first EVER hair cut!  She was so good to her and made her feel like a real princess!  It probably helps that she has a 3 year old girl of her own :)

She helped me capture great photos and made sure that every single aspect of this hair cut was captured :)  And yes...I saved her hair for her baby book!

My biggest fear going into this cut was that Callie's beautiful, natural curls would be cut off and not come back...but she needed a trim desperately and no way was I allowing my daughter to have split ends.

Seriously - Callie you look like a model in this picture above!

Here it is...the first snip of the scissors!

And here it is folks...her first little locks being cut off!  Naturally Josh and I both agreed to keep Callie's hair long!  It is so much fun to style and she lets me do it!

She sat so wonderfully the entire time!  She was cracking us all up too :)  Holly was telling Callie that she would receive a sucker afterwards for being a good girl!  Callie proceeds to tell her that it's like going poop - she gets a sucker then too :)  Yes, Holly got a good laugh out of that one :)

I love these blow dryer pictures :)

Holly and Callie!  Such a big moment :)  Oh and I forgot to mention - I had extreme water works rolling down my cheeks as the first cuts were made!  This was a huge milestone in her life!  I'm just so happy that we were there to witness it!

There's my beautiful girl!  Smiles, curls and bouncy, healthy hair!

Look at this natural flip :)  I LOVE it :)

Daddy got his hair cut as well afterwards, so Callie was helping Holly out!  In between dancing around the salon, singing, entertaining the others, and taking extremely random pictures on my phone :)

Such a brave girl, Callie!  We are so proud of you and can't believe how quickly you are growing up!  It took 2 years and 8 months for us to cut your hair...that's a long time, but it was healthy and strong...just needed some love!

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  1. careful, josh's hair is thinning a bit in back. if you cut too much it might not grow back!

    a concerned hawkeye